Nejire Beasts Episodes 2-12

When Dr. Hinelar exposed a Nejire Egg to great amounts of energy as it twists and twirls while Shibolena chants a spell, it gave birth to a Nejire Beast. There is always some part on the body of the Nejire Beast that is twisted.

Sting Ray Nejire
The first Nejire to be sent down to earth.
It could fly through space and fire lasers from his eyes. Taken down by MegaRed with the Drill Sniper and killed when Galaxy Mega destroyed the NejiCrusher.
EPISODE 3 & 21
Rhino Nejire
He could create earthquakes as he walked and drill through large buildings with the drill on his head. He also deflected blasts from the drill when it was spinning fast. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Flying Cutter.

Chameleon Nejire
He could send humans into his own personal dimension where he gained extra power and abilities. He electrocuted the Megarangers with his tongue and teleport short distances in this dimension. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Dash Cutter.
EPISODE 5 & 21
Shrimp Nejire
He could launch his pinchers
like a boomerang and his shell was made from the same metal as Galaxy Mega's sword making him immune to it. When the Megaranger realized this, they picked him up and threw him into a volcano to destroy him.

Elephant Nejire
This Nejire could knock over buildings.
His mission was to knock over a building containing a powerful unstable fuel that
would destroy the city. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Flying Cutter.
EPISODE 7 & 21
Bee Nejire
This Nejire Beast could fly through space as well as launch a barrage of Space Bees from the blade on his hand. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Booster Rifle.

EPISODE 9 & 10
Bat Nejire
Bat Nejire had the ability to manipulate
sound and signals. Killed by Galaxy
Mega's Mega Cross Cutter. Upgrade to
Neo Bat Nejire.
Neo Bat Nejire
Upgraded form of Bat Nejire,
he could alter and manipulate sound at great distances and
with greater strength.

Rose Nejire
Created partially from Shibolena, linking
them in battle and in pain. Rose Nejire
could whip the Megarangers with her vines
and blast them as well with her shoulder
flowers. She could turn people's skin green
and leafy. Rose Nejire could recover from
any wound as long as Shibolena was all right,
but after MegaYellow beat Shibolena, Rose
was weakened and could be defeated. Killed by Galaxy Mega.
Mole Nejire
This Nejire could travel underground and attack from above. He used his metal visor to attack the Megarangers with an energy blast. Killed by Galaxy Mega.