Nejire Beasts Episodes 15-23

Owl Nejire
This Nejire could hypnotize people and blind or blast them with harsh rays from his large eyes. The Megaranger put a reflector on their Galaxy Mega's Mega Shield for him to have the effect on himself and the eangers eventually killed him with Galaxy Mega's Galaxy Lance attack.
EPISODE 16 & 21
Poison Moth Nejire
Poison Moth Nejire could flap his wings and release poisonous spores that could kill humans within twenty four hours. Killed by Galaxy Mega while up in space.

EPISODE 17 & 21
Toad Nejire
This Nejire could evolve or devolve a person's development with his two pistols as well as
blast lasers from his eyes. He accidentally caused the Kunekune to act like infants, and turned Miku into "Super Miku", who fought him off by herself and got an IQ of 800, but later her body rejected the advancements. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Saber Electromagnetic Snake.
Mushroom Nejire
Mushroom Nejire could breath fire, throw his mushroom cap hat like a spinning blade, blast lasers from his eyes, and release spores from his body. His mission was burn to down a forest down to get past the trees that were blocking the way to a powerful meteor that had crashed in the forest. Killed by Galaxy Mega.

Scropion Nejire
Scropion Nejire could sting humans and transform them into duplicates of itself. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Dash Cutter.
Centipede Nejire
This Nejire could blast destructive lasers from its hand as well as 'resurrect' fallen Nejire Beasts (such as Rhino, Shrimp, Bee, Poison Moth, and Toad Nejire) with a psychic laser. It was the first elimination by the Super Galaxy Mega.

Crocodile Nejire 1
This Nejire was modified by Guirail to
split into two after it was destroyed by
Galaxy Mega. This one could clamp down
on enemies with his massive jaw. His arrival caused the debut of the Delta Mega to even the odds. Killed by the combined power of Galaxy and Delta Mega.
Crocodile Nejire 2
This one could blast lasers from his toothy handjaw. Killed by the combined power of Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega.

Ant Lion Nejire
This Nejire could create holes that its victim would fall into and become trapped. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
Anglerfish Nejire
his Nejire could turn people into stone with the antennae on his head and was sent to absorb his younger sibling on Earth.