Psycho-Nejilars Episodes 45-49

The Psycho-Nejilar were more powerful robotic monsters, created by Hinelar using Mad Guirail's remains in the Nejire Beast creation process, that were used following the debut of the Mega Voyager. They differ from the Nejire Beasts due to their heightened pyschotic natures and metallic bodies.

Thorn-Needle Nejilar
A Psycho-Nejilar whose power grew stronger from the thorns on his hand. When the thorns were destroyed, he lost most of his power and was able to be killed by Mega Voyager.
Porcupine Nejilar
This Psycho-Nejilar could make himself disappear and reappear in various locations. At one point, he confused the Megaranger by going to the southern end of Japan, and then back to Sapporo only to appear behind them afterwards.

Transport Nejilar
Transport Nejilar who could suck up earthlings in his vacuum-like laser and transport them into Hinelar City. Killed by Mega Voyager.
Hell Nejilar
He forced the Megarangers to expose themselves in their high school. Though he died at the hands of Mega Voyager, he did managed to turn the heroes' schoolmates and friends against them.

Crab Nejilar
Had a high-pressure water cannon concealed in his claw and a strong shell on his back that could deflect his opponent's attacks. Using the space fairy Picot, he wished for past Psycho-Nejilar to be resurrected such as Lion, Porcupine, Mantis, Condor, and Lizard Nejilar. Killed by Wing Mega Voyager.