Kenta Date, Mega Red
Full Name: Kenta Date
Ranger Designation: Mega Red
Weapons: Drill Saber, Mega Sniper
Gear: Digitizer, Battle Riser, Red Cyber Slider
Mecha: Galaxy Mega, Delta Mega, Rovoyager-1

Kenta is the least studious of the Megaranger, making him an unconventional leader. He is always attempting to get out of studying and only wants to play the Megaranger game at the arcade, which he was a pro at. The arcade games were actually marketed by INET to find ideal recruits to become Megarangers and Kenta was an ideal candidate. What isn't ideal is that is an impulsive person who thinks he is strong enough to take anyone on. He is the only member who dislikes computers and ironically, his forehead symbol is a computer. He was told by Professor Kubota that the computer has no special abilities of its own but it allows Kenta to upload data and program any type of skill into himself, making him a potentially invincible warrior. When he tried to take on Yugande all by himself, he got badly beaten and had to be rescued by his teammates. During this fight, Mega Black received a serious injury and this taught Kenta the value of teamwork. After his Drill Saber was broken by Yugande, Mega Red received an enhanced version of the weapon that can combine with his Mega Sniper to form the Drill Sniper Custom. It has a double-barrelled cannon attached to its tip that spins with the drill and fires a double blast of powerful energy.

Kenta adopted Anglerfish Nejire's little brother and raised it to be a kind creature instead of the Nejire Beast it would have been. Kenta is always looking out for pretty girls to flirt with, and loves to eat yakiniku. In Gingaman vs. Megaranger, he presents a business card to the Gingaman that states "Warrior of Ten-Thousand Abilities". He returned with his other teammates in 'Gingaman vs. Megaranger' to defeat Hizumina, Gregory, and the revived Balban.