The Digitizer is worn on the student's wrists. Depending on the three digit code pressed on the Digitizer, one of several functions can be utilized:
335 Enter: Transform (the command is 'Install! Megaranger!)
259 Enter: Call the Cyber Sliders
761 Enter: Call the Digitank
108 Enter: Launch the Mega Shuttle
541 Enter: Deploy the Galaxy Mega

Mega Sniper Mega Sniper
Each Megaranger carry one Mega Sniper in their holster. The individual Mega Sniper can split apart into two smaller weapons, the Mega Magnum and Mega Shot. Each Mega Sniper can also be attached with each Ranger's special weapon. The Megarangers use these weapons in the 'Final Shoot' attack, blasting the enemy with all of their Snipers at once.

Drill Saber
MegaRed's personal weapon can perform the attacks Saber Slash and Screw Drill Saber. Combined with the MegaSniper, it creates the Drill Sniper that can perform the Dirll Sniper Custom.

Mega Rod
MegaBlack's personal staff-like weapon that performs the Rod Break attack. Combined with his MegaSniper, it becomes the Rod Sniper.

Mega Tomahawk
MegaBlue's personal weapon that performs the Tomahawk Hurricane which causes him to spin around. Combined with his MegaSniper, it becomes the Tomahawk Sniper.

Mega Capture
MegaPink's personal weapon that resembles a satelite. Combined with the MegaSniper, it creates the Capture Sniper.

Weapons Mega Sling
MegaYellow's personal weapon resembles a sling shot and when combined with the MegaSniper, it is called the Sling Sniper.

Multi Attack Rifle
Four of the Megaranger's individual weapons are combined to form the Multi Attack Rifle, that releases a destructive energyball.

Battle Riser
The Battle Riser is a new bracelet given to Mega Red by Doctor Kubota. It has three numbered buttons on it, each with a different function.
01: increases Mega Red's chop power, allowing him to perform the 'Riser Chop'.
02: does the same to his punching power, letting him perform the 'Riser Punch'.
03: powers-up the Mega Sniper, making its output 1.5 times as powerful.
The Battle Riser also allows Mega Red to remotely control the Delta Mega.
When placed into a special compartment on the Galaxy Mega's cockpit, pressing 01 starts the combination of the Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega into Super Galaxy Mega.

The Keitaizer is a cellular phone device that MegaSilver used to transform. To transform, he pressed 2 (M) + 5 (E) + 8 (G) + 0 (A) and pressed the arrow button which meant 'install'. Red letters flashed 'Mega' on the round screen.

Silver Blazer Silver Blazer
MegaSilver's personal arm-mounted weapon with sword and gun mode. Its key move is the Blazer Impact, which is a salvo of blasts from the gun and followed by a blade slash close to the enemy.

In Megaranger vs Carranger, a small blue space 'fairy' Picot granted the Megaranger's wish to keep fighting and were granted this gold armor. They performed a special attack known as Rainbow Impulse that turned trhem into energy balls that went through the enemies destroying them.