Nejire Beasts Episodes 23-29

Name: N/A
This little alien creature befriended Kenta but unfortunately his big brother was on the way to absorb him. He grew to a bigger form.
Name: N/A
The Anglerfish Negire merged with its younger sibling to reach his full potential. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.

Buffalo Nejire (Decoy)
A decoy of the Buffalo Nejire was sent by Yugande to record the data on the Megarangers on the gem on its head, which survived the decoy's destruction and was inserted into the real Nejire Beast.
Buffalo Nejire
Buffalo Nejire could deflect any attacks the Megarangers tried to inflict on him because he used a gem that recorded their information via a decoy. MegaSilver came into the scene, whose moves were not analyzed by the decoy so the real Buffalo Nejire had no defense against his attacks.

Moray Nejire Red
A Nejire that was being bred by Guirail to poison the people's water supply. The original red one was killed by MegaSilver.
Moray Nejire Blue
This is the blue clone of the original that Guirail bred. The blue one was killed by Super Galaxy Mega.

Cicada Nejire
A renegade Nejire who gained power
over a famous scientist from INET and
escaped from Nejirejia with a special
weapon to amplify its power, with the
power to weaken the Megarangers. The
weapon sended soundwaves that would destroy a person's brain. His powers are
that he could unleash unbreakable cables
from his arms that would bind the enemy
and could shoot a beam of fire from a
speaker on his shoulder.
Coral Nejire
A Nejire that could transform people slowly into coral and eventually kill them. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.

Termite Nejire
Termite Nejire laid her eggs and had the ability to have them grow quickly. Killed by the Multi Attack Rifle and Drill Sniper Custom.
Soldier Termite Nejire
A Nejire that was the fusion of the larva hatched from Termite Nejire's eggs. This Nejire was stronger that his mother, and could turn into a swarm of termites that can eat through anything, including the ranger's weapons and avoid attacks. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega with a combination of using the Booster Rifle set on freezing gas and then using Super Galaxy Knuckle.

Pig Nejire
The last Nejire Beast, which created a special diet food that actually induced people to eat anything nearby. While a formidable monster, Pig Nejire's weakness was hunger. He would abandon a fight he was winning to look for food if he got hungry. Miku was able to pin him down. His special attack technique was 'Garlic Extract.' Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.