Mega Shuttle
The Mega Shuttle forms the Galaxy Mega's head, the engine becomes the helmet, and the cockpit becomes the cranium. The orbiter docks in the nose.

Shuttle Booster
The Shuttle Booster conveys the Mega Shuttle from Earth to the orbiting Mega Ship. The Megaranger can traveled in it. It can be docked to the underside of the MegaShip.

Mega Ship
The Mega Ship is a large spaceship in which Professor Kubota and the INET team are stationed. The sides and nose form Galaxy Mega's legs, and the undercarriage forms the arms while the underbelly becomes the shield.

Galaxy Mega
Height: 55 meters
Width: 29 meters
Weight: 20150 tons
Power Output: 5000
When the time comes to do battle with a Nejire, the Mega Ship is capable of combining with the Mega Shuttle into the Galaxy Mega. The two components join together when the command "Electromagnetic Fusion" is given. Galaxy Mega's power helped to power up GaoKing in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai'.

Mega Saber
Mega Saber is Galaxy Mega's long silver sword with which the Megarangers can perform many different types of attacks. These include the following..

Mega Side Cutter is a horizontal slash.
Not pictured are:
Mega Flying Cutter is a jumping slash.
Mega Dash Cutter is a dashing horizontal slash.

Mega Cross Cutter is a pair of diagonal slashes that form an X.

The sword can also extend into an energy whip known as the Saber Electromagnetic Whip.

The Mega Saber can extend itself while remaining rigid, turning into a spearlike weapon, the Galaxy Lance.

The Mega Saber can be thrown as a spear of energy, the Mega Flash Arrow.

When fighting Toad Nejire, Mega Pink created a new attack with the Mega Saber called the Saber Electromagnetic Snake. Because he was afraid of snakes, the tip of the sword turned into a snake-shaped energy projection that scared Toad Nejire and gave the Galaxy Mega an opening to finish him off.

Mega Shield
The Galaxy Mega also uses a round shield called the Mega Shield for defense. To fight Owl Nejire's eyebeams, Mega Blue outfitted
the Mega Shield with a mirror coating to reflect Owl Nejire's beams back at him.
Booster Rifle
The Shuttle Booster forms the Booster Rifle with the fuel tank holding the handle and gun barrel. The Booster Rifle is an energy cannon that can fire powerful energy blasts or a cloud of freezing gas.