Yuusaku Hayakawa, Mega Silver
Full Name: Yuusaku Hayakawa
Ranger Designation: Mega Silver
Weapons: Silver Blazer
Gear: Keitaizer, Auto Slider
Mecha: Mega Winger

Yuusaku is a mysterious man who shocked the Megarangers when he revealed that he knew their secret identities. At first just an observer, when the Megarangers were in trouble he transformed into Mega Silver and saved them. Although Yuusaku is actually the chief of an INET space project, he frequently leaves his work to help the Megarangers. His suit is actually the prototype for the Megarangers' Digital Suits. Initially, Yuusaku could only stay in his MegaSilver suit for 2.5 minutes due to a flaw in the suit, but he later was able to fix this. He often receives phone calls from his space research team on Keitaizer ("keitai-denwa" is Japanese for "cellular phone"). He is actually more concerned about being a Megaranger than with his INET work. His forehead symbol is a microchip. His weapon, the Silver Blazer, is mounted to his arm and can change into a gun or sword mode. His final attack with this device, the Blazer Impact, is a barrage of blasts from its gun mode as Mega Silver runs towards the enemy; but when he gets near, he changes the Silver Blazer to sword mode and slashes the enemy with it. Mega Silver rides the Auto Slider, a hover-board that operates like the Megarangers' Cyber Sliders, but can also transform into a motorcycle. It was Yuusaku who had been working on the "Space Mega Project", which was revealed to be the Megaranger's Voyager Machines. Yuusaku even created his own mecha, Mega Winger.

When the main five Megaranges altered their costumes to blue to trick the Nejirangers, Yuusaku confused them even further by disguising himself as NejiSilver, and was armed with a twisted version of his Silver Blazer.