Shun Namiki, Mega Blue
Full Name: Shun Namiki
Ranger Designation: Mega Blue
Weapons: Mega Tomeahawk, Mega Sniper
Gear: Digitizer, Blue Cyber Slider
Mecha: Galaxy Mega, Delta Mega, Rocket Voyager-3

Shun is a social hermit, but he is good friends with Kenta and dreams of becoming a computer graphic artist. His artwork is very important to him, as is his flute which once belonged to his deceased mother, a famous flute player. On the anniversary of her death, he remembers his mother on his own. Shun is adept at devising combat strategies, such as reasoning that the Nejirangers would not be able to fight as well if they didn't fight their ranger-color counterparts. Forehead symbol is the digital television which allows him to create three-dimensional holographic images of anything he could devise. Another skill he used was 'Virtual Vision,' in which he entraps his foes in a movie-like dimension where they are attacked by the movie characters. His weapon is a single small axe called the Mega Tomahawk. With this, he can perform a spinning slash called the Tomahawk Hurricane. He returned with his other teammates in 'Gingaman vs. Megaranger' to defeat Hizumina, Gregory, and the revived Balban.