Voyager Machines
When Mad Guirail over powered the Super Galaxy Mega, the Megarangers were forced to retreat to INET's Moonbase via the Delta Mega. It was there they obtained the five Voyager Machines.

Rovoyager - 1
Alternate Spelling: Robo Voyager - 1
Height: 40 m
Width: 19 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Power Output: 1800
Speed: 10 to 50 m/per hour
Piloted by MegaRed, Rovoyager-1 is a humanoid robot with two large missile batteries on its shoulders. Forms the waist and upper legs of Mega Voyager. When Kenta first piloted it, he had troubles launching it.
Shuttle Voyager - 2
Length: 33 m
Width: 25 m
Height: 12.5 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Power Output: 1800
Piloted by MegaBlack, Shuttle Voyager-2 is a space shuttle that can fire an energy blast from its nose. Forms Mega Voyager's head and shield.

Rocket Voyager - 3
Height: 83 m
Width: 18.6 m
Weight: 9000 tons
Piloted by MegaBlue. Rocket Voyager-3 is a large rocket capsule that becomes the Voyager Spartan weapon for Mega Voyager, and also becomes Mega Voyager's lower legs and abdominal area.

Saucer Voyager - 4
Width: 34.5 m
Height: 34 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Piloted by MegaYellow, Saucer Voyager-4 is a futuristic-themed starship that can fire energy blasts from its wings. Forms Mega Voyager's body and arms, and the blasters on both sides of its thrusters attach to Mega Voyager's head.
Tank Voyager - 5
Width: 26 m
Length: 23 m
Weight: 9000 tons
Piloted by MegaPink, Tank Voyager-5 is a covered tank with two large cannons on top. Forms Mega Voyager's feet.

Mega Voyager
Height: 70 m
Width: 38 m
Weight: 40000 tons
Output: 6500
Speed: 40 to 120 m/hour
The Mega Voyager is created when all five of the Megarangers' Voyager Machines combine. Mega Voyager has a sheild that dispatched from the Shuttle Voyager. Mega Voyager used the top section of Rocket Voyager 3 as its main weapon for the Voyager Spartan finishing attack. Mega Voyager has also used Galaxy Mega's Mega Saber. It remained as the MegaRangers' primary mecha until it was destroyed in the finale battle with Hinelar and Death Nejiros in the series finale.