Delta Mega
An additional mecha created by Professor Kubota that is actived and controlled by MegaRed or MegaSilver using the Battle Riser bracelet. This is it's initial spacecraft mode.

Height: 50 m
Width: 23.5 m
Weight: 15000 tons
Power Output: 2500
Speed: 40 km per hour
It can transform into a robot, it has two small guns known as the Delta Laser and its fingers are actual guns are referred to as Gatling Blaster. hen the Battle Riser is placed into the Galaxy Mega's controls it allows for the Delta Mega to combine with it to form the Super Galaxy Mega. The Delta Mega was destroyed near the finale by a powered-up Yugande, only to be rebuilt. It returned to help in 'Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai.'

Super Galaxy Mega
Height: 65m
Width: 40 m
Weight: 35000 tons
Power Output: 6000
Super Galaxy Robo is a combination of Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega from the command "Super-Electromagnetic Fusion." The nose of the Delta Mega forms the head, the wings become the "boots", with the rear of the underside becoming the legs. The Delta Mega's Gatling Guns are positioned on the shoulders of the Super Galaxy Mega, and are three times stronger than normal.

The Super Galaxy Mega's finishing attack is called the Super Galaxy Knuckle where it fires off both of its fists like rockets to destroy the enemy.

When the Super Galaxy Knuckle proved useless against Mad Guirail, a new attack was used, the Big Bang Attack. This is where the Super Galaxy Mega spun around at high speeds, then flew up into the air and finally shot down like a comet and blasted through the Mad Guirail, but still Mad Guirail survived the attack.