Hikari Nonomura, ToQ 4gou
Full Name: Hikari Nonomura
Sentai Designation: ToQ 4gou
Gear: Tunnel Ax, ToQ Blaster, ToQ Changer, Rainbow Pass
Ressha: Green Ressha, Tank Ressha, Alligator Ressha
Actor: Ryusei Yokohama

Hikari is an unhurried and nonchalant man with a Kendama toy on his person, able to only imagine things that are within reason. He is not very sociable and does not talk much. Though their imaginations and opinions differ, Hikari serves as Right's foil and his natural fighting instincts and analytical nature places him on even footing with Right when it comes to fights. While Right often pulls everyone away with his Imagination, Hikari is the one who keeps his friends on the ground. Though quite obedient to Mio, he often teases Kagura. He has a quick wit and Tokatti remarks that he is the smartest of the team, although he does not display this side of him often. Out of the gang, Hikari always spied Mio playing with her doll/imagination friend Mikey. As ToQ 4gou, normally colored green, he uses the extremely heavy Tunnel Axe as his weapon. His full name is eventually revealed to be Hikari Nonomura, who lives with his grandmother Emiko since his mother is busy. He has turned into the colors of his teammates except for Orange.