Kagura Izumi, ToQ 5gou
Full Name: Kagura Izumi
Ranger Designation: ToQ 5gou
Gear: Tekkyou Claw, ToQ Blaster, ToQ Changer, Rainbow Pass
Ressha: Pink Ressha, Car Carrier Ressha, Panda Ressha
Actor: Ai Moritaka

Kagura's Imagination is second only to Right, but often hampered due to severe self doubt. In essence, she tells tall tales and unforeseen events usually take place. Because of this, Kagura's body can't really handle fighting well unless she uses her imagination to will herself into an unbeatable warrior. Unlike Right, her Imagination is simple and focused despite very powerful, as such capable of imagining herself to have extraordinary traits, like super strength, increased agility, or enhanced hardness. But this method of imagination is double-edged, as if Kagura ever gets overexcited, she trades self restraint for some overwhelming yet uncontrollable trait. Her full name is eventually revealed to be Kagura Izumi, who lives with her parents Yosuke and Keiko and baby brother Daiki. She is ToQ 5gou, normally colored pink, she uses the railway bridge-themed Tekkyo Claw as her weapon. She also became all the colors of her teammates except for Orange.