Akira Nijino, ToQ 6gou
Full Name: Akira Nijino
Ranger Designation: ToQ 6gou
Gear: Appli Changer, Yudou Breaker
Ressha: Builder Ressha, Drill Ressha

General Schwarz thought highly of Zaram, who shared his ambition for dominating through the trains. Zaram also knew about the Drill Liner and had the ability to create powerful rain to ruin good days. But one day, after one of his attacks, he saw a rainbow so beautiful he vowed to protect them. Because of this, he left the Shadow Line, took on a human form, and surrendered to the Rainbow Line. Although forsaking his name, the other members of the Shadow Line still referred to him as Zaram. He went to work for the Rainbow Line, hoping that it would make up for the atrocities he committed. He only rains around him because his past haunts him. Akira Nijino, his new name, was given to him by Hikari, with the help of Tokatti, Mio and Kagura.

The Conductor had received the Applichanger, the transformation device for Tog-6gou. General Schwarz found Akira, but Right was not going to hand him over. Before Schwarz is able to finish ToQ-1gou off, Akira fights him off, eventually revealing his true form. Right offers Akira the right to become a ToQger, which he gladly accepts. He receives the Appli Changer and transforms into ToQ 6gou, a form which he uses to defeat General Schwarz, but Schwarz retreats. After the fight, Akira faints and thinks he's dead, but Tokatti wakes him up. Akira returns the Appli Changer and leaves. It is revealed that the rain stopped after his transformation, the power of light and imagination curing him of his cursed power.

After finding the Build Ressha, Akira lives inside of it and uses it in giant monster battles. The ToQgers were tricked into thinking that the banished General Schwarz wanted to make an alliance with them, resulting with Akira loosing his Drill Ressha. About sometime later, he was forced to make an agreement with Schwarz to regain his Ressha so that the ToQgers can form ToQ Rainbow. During the Christmas Eve, Akira made his move by joining General Schwarz in an attempt to raid Castle Terminal. He accompanies Schwarz on his darkness reserve-powered Cryner to raid Castle Terminal. Schwarz's Cryner arrives on Castle Terminal as they fight their way to throne room. It is then that Schwarz reveals he recruited Zaram to have him kill Emperor Z, weakened by the Darkness Decline, as ToQ 6gou. But Emperor Z uses much of his remaining power to defeat ToQ 6gou and abduct him on the Imperial Cryner.

The ToQgers tried to tell Schwarz and Zaram of the consequences of separating Gritta from Z but failed and forced to deal with multiple Shadow Line members. Schwarz and Zaram eventually escape in the chaos but Zaram was overpowered by Z, whom assumed ToQ 6gou. However, he and Hyper ToQ 1gou cancel their transformations with Right taking the AppliChanger back. General Schwarz holds off Emperor Z long enough for Madame Noir to make her move to free Miss Glitta. After killing General Schwarz, Z-Shin drags Castle Terminal back into the Shadow Line while Zaram attempts to stop him. After the ToQgers wake up, they find Akira alive but upset that he could not save their town. The ToQgers hug him and tell him how much he means to them. A fleet of Cryners appear and attack, and Akira agrees to remain with the ToQgers to help them get their town back, as they use the various Ressha combinations to destroy the enemy Cryners.

As ToQ 6gou, colored orange, he uses the AppliChanger and the Build Ressha to transform, and is armed with the beacon-themed Yudou Breaker sword which can use the Drill Ressha for a more powerful finishing attack. ToQ 6gou is the only member of the ToQgers who cannot perform a Transfer Change; the Conductor and Ticket explained to the others that he is strong enough to not need it. During the events of the Ressha Sentai ToQger DVD special, while having Ticket on his hand, Akira gains use of the Build Ressha Special Express Version that allows him to become the brightly colored Super ToQ 6gou. He can also use the Hyper Ressha to become Hyper ToQ 6gou.