Raito "Right" Suzuki, ToQ 1gou
Full Name: Raito "Right" Suzuki
Ranger Designation: ToQ 1gou
Gear: Rail Slasher, ToQ Blaster, ToQ Changer, Rainbow Pass
Ressha: Red Ressha, Diesel Ressha, Hyper Ressha, Lion Ressha
Actor: Jun Shison

Right is a spirited youth who jumps before thinking. He is the one usually giving it his all, the type to easily be fired up and go against the odds. Out of the five ToQgers, Right's Imagination is the strongest and he inspires others to believe in what he believes in, often pulling his friends along whether they like it or not. He hates cramped places. He seems to be the only ToQger with any form of memory of their past. He has a habit of initiating Transfer Changes during fights without asking for permission, often annoying his friends as well as the Conductor. One day during a star festival, the Castle Terminal came down to their hometown and the Rainbow Line turned Right and his friends into adults and transported them to the Ressha. Right ended up on Cyner which surprised the villains and when the Toqger fought them, Right joined them. The ToQgers are curious why were they chosen to be the ToQgers as the conductor replied to them that it was because of their imagination.

As the series progresses, Right met Z in the amusement park, unaware that he is the Emperor of Darkness and befriended Zaram, who became ToQ 6gou. While battling the Shadow Line, the team started to remember their hometown as they would start searching the town. However, the team was horrified to learn that their home was under the Terminal Castle. Even worse, Right started to have darkness coming out from his body, as he remembers that he was the first one to touch darkness and the reason that Right teleports into the Kleiner, rather than the Rainbow Line with his team. After rescuing their home, the President of the Rainbow Line warns Right that due to his current state, Right's family and friends will have a chance of forgetting him and can never return to normal, which saddens Right. He decides to face Shadow Line alone and takes their Rainbow Passes, which returns them to their true forms, but without any memories of Right and being as ToQgers.

However, his friends managed to remember him thanks to the photos that Akira placed back in their secret hideout. His friends enabling him to regain his ability to imagine, Right is able to return to Subarugahama with the help from his mother. Along with the ToQgers, they defeated the remaining Shadow Line armies, and seemingly defeated Z before Gritta spirited him with a Kuliner. Right and the others seemingly trapped in their adult forms but their families were able to remember them due to their Imaginations and finally returned to their child forms. Akira and the other Rainbow Line departs, while the children continue their regular lives. His full name eventually revealed to be Raito Suzuki, who lives with his grandfather Tsuyoshi, mother Yumi, younger sister Mai, and younger brother Yuto.

As ToQ 1gou, normally colored red, he uses the track-themed Rail Slasher sword as his weapon. With the Hyper Ressha, ToQ 1gou can transform into Hyper ToQ 1gou and use the Daikaiten Cannon on his own for the Hyper Last Train Crash finishing attack. While possessing Emperor Z's darkness, Right can transform into a dark-colored version of his ToQger form called Dark ToQ 1gou at the cost of his Imagination. During the final battle, Right gains a new multi-colored form called Rainbow ToQ 1gou by using Transfer Changes with his teammates' Ressha in conjunction with the Hyper Ressha. ToQ 1gou became a desaturated white color in Station 20 when he sat out of the fight because he couldn't make the monster laugh and handed his Ressha to Kagura. White is representative here of the absence of color. ToQ 1gou Orange is an alternate Transfer Change form assumed when ToQ 1gou swaps his ToQ Ressha with ToQ 6gou's Build Ressha and inserts it into the ToQ Changer. In this form, ToQ 1gou uses the light guide stick-themed Yudo Breaker ("Guidance Breaker") club as his weapon. Right first attempted to assume this form when Akira joined the team but couldn't. The explanation given by Ticket was that Akira didn't need to switch lines. Later he is able to assume this form during the final battle with Z, before transforming into ToQ 1gou of the Rainbow. He has also all the other colors in his team.