The Ressha are the ToQgers' headquarters, which are based on the Rainbow Line. Though they usually answer to the Conductor, the Ressha can be used by the ToQgers to combine together into mecha via Ressha Combinations and fight enlarged Shadow Creeps.

 Ressha Red Ressha
Right's personal steam locomotive/passenger train-themed Ressha that serves as the ToQgers' primary headquarters.

 Ressha Blue Ressha
Tokatti's personal Shinkansen-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Yellow Ressha
Mio's personal E65-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Green Ressha
Hikari's personal Shinkansen-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Pink Ressha
Kagura's personal E65-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Diesel Ressha
A diesel locomotive/freight train-themed Ressha and the oldest Ressha due to running on the imagination of internal combustion engines that is armed with the Diesel Missiles.

 Ressha Build Ressha
Akira's personal Ressha and the strongest Ressha that is equipped with a claw and a Power Crane.

Support Ressha
A series of supplementary Ressha that can combine with the ToQgers' mecha via Ressha Armament.

 Ressha Shield Ressha
A Ressha capable of combining with ToQ-Oh in its Signal Shied mode, in which it can perform the Signal Shield Beam attack.

 Ressha Car Carrier Ressha (?, )
An autorack-themed Ressha capable of carrying large items and the tiny Dash Cars.

 Ressha Tank Ressha
A tank car-themed Ressha that refuels the other Ressha.

 Ressha Fire Ressha
A fire extinguisher/fire truck-themed Ressha that equips the ToQgers' mecha with the Fire Ladder and the Extinguisher Arm.

 Ressha Police Ressha
A police car-themed Ressha that possesses the highest speed among the Ressha and equips the ToQgers' mecha with the Police Gun and the Police Wappa.

 Ressha Drill Ressha
A namesake-themed Ressha that is primarily used by ToQ 6gou and was originally the Drill Cryner. Due to the latter trait, the Shadow Line's mecha can also combine with the Drill Ressha.

 Ressha Kyoryuger Ressha
A form that the Kyoryu Red's Zyudenryu partner, Gabutyra, takes on during the events of the crossover film Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai.

Safari Ressha
A series of animal-themed Ressha that operate on the Galaxy Line, normally answer to Lady, though the ToQgers are able to pilot them as well, and appear exclusively in the film Ressha Sentai ToQger the Movie: Galaxy Line S.O.S.

 Ressha Lion Ressha
A namesake/steam locomotive-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Eagle Ressha
A namesake/Shinkansen-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Wildcat Ressha
A namesake/commuter rail-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Alligator Ressha
A namesake/Shinkansen-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Panda Ressha
A namesake/commuter rail-themed Ressha.

 Ressha Hyper Ressha
A giant steam locomotive-themed Ressha that serves as the Rainbow Line President's headquarters and can also transform into the Hyper Ressha Terminal. Though it usually answers to the President, the Ressha can be used by Hyper ToQ 1gou.