The TimeRangers' enemy are the Londarz Family, who have come to the 21st century from the 30th century. The family is head up by Don Dorunero, who is assisted by Lila, a female humanoid in white uniform and pink hair, and Giem.
Don Dorunero
Greedy and deceitful leader of the gang. He once sent MadBlast to assassinate Yuuri's detective father. He is the one who had a friend make Giem into a robot. He cared about Giem's well-being since he was sort of responsible for his condition. In trying to stop Giem in his psychotic delights, but he unfortuantely died in a vain attempt to save Giem.
A gold-plated scientist who was the creator of the legions of the Zenitt. Dornero saved had a friend transfer the brain of the once human Giem' into a robotic body. There were side-effects that made Giem increasingly insane. Having access to the Hell's Gate prisoners, he cared for nothing except for his own masochistic pleasure and went against Dornero's orders. He later constructed several massive robots (Except for the G-Zord), that were powered by the Lambda-2000 crystal he stole from Asami Corp's laboratories. Don Dornero tried to stop Gien but only to be killed. Giem later piloted the NeoCrisis robot, only to be fatally wounded when his robot was destroyed. The person Gien once was resurfaced before he died and dissolved to dust.

Alternative Spelling: Lila
Don Dornero's paink-haired disguise expert partner who wasn't above stealing jewerly and clothes. She is the one who actually selected the four Timeranger to traveled to the 21st century, in the guise of Team Captain Ryuuya. After Dornero's death, Lila went into hiding and has been missing since.

Alternative Spelling: Zenitto
Junk droids Zenitt who work for the Londars Family. They can be formed when nail-like items are dropped. They carry knife-like rifles.