Time Emblem
Each Timeranger has his or her own badge, to identify them as law enforcement officers to the criminals they are apprehending.
Chrono Changer
The Chrono Changer were created by the crime fighting unit of the future. The transformation bracelets the team members wear on their wrists. The four visiting Timerangers couldn't transform in the 21st century without a fifth member, causing them to get Tatsuya to become TimeRed.
{Arsenal Case}
Aboard the Time Ship Yglieg, the Timerangers had orange cases that contained weapons and gear. The first they opened had the Time Flyer and Chrono Changers. One of the last ones contained the Assault Mobile.
The Rangers possess one Arrow Vector and one Spark Vector each, which combined end-to-end makes the Time Vector . When put together like hour hands at a 90 degree angle, they form the Double Vector , which porforms the Twin Slash. The Spark Vector has a PowerVolume dial which allows them to adjust the effective power, and are housed in ChronoChangers.

Each Ranger can summon his or her own weapon. Although they are typically set to stun, they also have the capability to destroy.
Time Green has the VolPulser , a machine-gun that fires a pulse beam.
Time Yellow has the VolVulcan , a dual-shooting blaster.
Time Pink has the VolSniper , a sharp shooting laser.
Time Red has the VolBlaster , the most powerful weapon the team uses.
Time Blue has the VolLauncher , which fires energy blasts.
Vortech Bazooka
All of the Rangers' V weapons combine to form the Vortex Blaster, which can deliver a powerful blast that eaither freezes or knock out opponents.
Assault Mobile
When the Assault Mobile is attached to a Spark Vector, they call that the Assault Vector.
Naoto uses the V-Commander to henshin into TimeFire, and to control the V-Rex. When the Q-Rex was lost in time, so was the Quantum Morpher. When Naoto got a hold of the unearthed Controller box, which formed around his hand as the V-Commander.
DV Defender
TimeFire's weapon has three modes. In Defender Mode, it is the Defender Sword. In Vulcan Mode, it is a gun known as the DV Magnum. In Final Mode, an energy blade is produced from the front end of Vulcan Mode to perform the DV Re-Freezer attack to recapture prisoners.