TimeShadow was created and sent to the 21th Century by the Inter-City Police. The Time Shadow comes from a portal through the moon in Stealth Mode. It's 38 meters long, 66 meters wide, weighs 4000 tons, and travels at Mach 3. From the cannons comes the Shadow-blast. From the small bits that form the hands come the Pulse Beams. Time Shadow in battle mode which weighs 4000 tons, and is 50 meters tall. It is armed with two Shadow Vectors forming a the Shadow Sabre.
TimeShadow could combine with the Time Robo Alpha to become the Time Robo ShadowAlpha. Time Shadow could also combine with the TimeRoboBeta to became TimeRobo ShadowBeta.
Pro Divider
TimeRobo ShadowAlpha armed with the Pro Divider that enables them to recapture Londers prisoners and to perform its Blizzard Slash finisher. Time Robo ShadowBeta could use the Pro Divider as a gun to use its Pressure Gun finisher.