Full Name: Domon
Ranger Designation: Time Yellow
Weapons: Spark Vector, Arrow Vector, VolVulcan
Gear: Chrono Changer, Time Police Badge
Mecha: TimeJet 4
Domon is a very strong 22 year old former professional grapler-fighter and crazy about girls. He is a very emotional person and never holds things back. He tends to take things personally. Initially, he doesn't take being a Timeranger cadet seriously. He even tried to pick up Yuuri and was brushed off. He autographed the back of Sion's jacket at his request. His battles took place in a kind of virtual arena, but was banned for being late for the matches usually because he was busy chasing after girls. He was in charge of teaching self-defense for Tomorrow Research, although he never got any students.. Because he was a fighter, he's also very good at first-aid, and tends to dress the others' wounds after battle. He also demanded Tatsuya not to use the word 'alien' to describe Sion. Being that he was selected by Lila disguised as Captain Ryuuya, he was completely unprepared for this mission and probably never expected to be selected for the team. He is dependable during a fight, incredibly strong and able to knock through a horde of Zennith.

He never wastes a strike in battle and his punches are deadly when he wants them to be. Domon has been torn from his family and the life he had always expected to lead. Domon had some resentment towards Captain Ryuuya for trapping them in the 20th century which he took out on Tatsuya when they first met due to his resemblance to Ryuuya. He just cannot see it possible that the four of them could recapture all of the prisoners. Despite his disbelief in being able to win, it is easy for him to imagine fighting for the sake of tomorrow and his heart warms towards Tatsuya for this idea. Domon doesn't get why Tatsuya has cut himself from his rich family and using the last of his money, while they hope to find enough work to live on. Domon is from a large, close-nit family and such a willing separation is beyond his comprehension at first. The only reason for leaving something you love is if it locks you out, to him.

Sion looks up to him while Ayase makes fun of him. Domon tells Sion that it doesn't matter who loves who, so Sion then tells him he loves him. Domon thankfully knew exactly what the boy meant, the trouble was this announcement was made loudly in a crowd in the streets--especially in front of a pretty woman Domon was trying to get to join his self-defense class. Domon took the boy aside to a quiet corner and wore to teach Sion to fight and slipped away. When finding out Sion is an orphan and the last of his species, he realized the importance of his need for his friendship and was angry at himself for not being kinder. From that point, he sticks up for him. In Episode 7, for he suffers a sort of breakdown, complicated by the memory-download the Time Police had given him. He is lonely and lost, wanting to go home and be back with his family. He keeps thinking he is back in his original time. Domon takes out his resentment towards Captain Ryuuya on Tatsuya and Tatsuya does his best to take care of Domon until he recovers.

In Episode 11, Honami Moriyama was an intrepid camera woman determined to find out the real identities of the Timerangers. When she gets in the way with her picture-taking and prevents them from destroying a machine that controls people's minds, Time Pink lets her know in no uncertain terms what will happen if they cannot destroy the machine in time. Time Yellow is left briefly alone with her, she falls to pieces and he gives her gentle reassurance. At the moment she feels she is the worst person in the world, his compassion draws her to him. She develops the pictures of their true identities, but since she can't talk to them because she vowed to stay out of their way, they aren't aware that she thinks Ayase is Time Yellow. In Episode 15, rumors fly that she knows the Time Rangers, and so an assassin sent out by Dorunero to capture her, finds her picture of Time Yellow and Ayase, and believes it true. Honami, held hostage, thinks only of the danger to the people around her, and the danger to Time Yellow if he should come. She believes the Timerangers wouldn't come because they hate her. Sion is initially the only one that realizes Honami is in love with Domon.

He gives her his e-mail address so that she can write to Domon. For her, an e-mail romance is born, but for Domon, it's just a matter of indulging a fan. He enjoys each of her letters and always answers her, to the point that he realizes that she is deeply attached to him. This troubles him because someday he will return to the 30th Century. For a while, he stops answering her e-mails because he doesn't know what to say. He likes her and cares about her safety. Since he is usually attracted to sexy, beautiful women, it takes him quite some time to realize he's fallen in love with her. In Episode 31, he was tortured with a vision of himself murdering Honami, that he finally knew just how much he cared about her. She had asked him to meet her in the place they first met, and he at first would not. But after the vision and after they finally defeated the enemy, he raced to meet her except it was two hours too late. She had waited, but left just a few seconds before he arrived. He found her small picture-wallet that she dropped and realized she thought he was Ayase.

So when he returns home, he accusingly asks Ayase if he has anyone in their home time. He spends a long time thinking about what is the right thing to do. In Episode 36, Domon becomes determined that the only right thing to do was to give Ayase to Honami, if he could convince the other man to go to her. He manages to get Ayase and when he shows Ayase the pictures, and Domon decides for certain he is doing the right thing. Domon only knows that Ayase is as terribly alone as he is. If Honami wants Ayase, then Domon will make sure she gets Ayase, for both their sakes. Unfortunately, Ayase refuses to cooperate with this self-sacrifice. Only when Domon is brought face to face with Honami, and ends up with her in his arms and desperate to protect her, does he realize he cannot give her up so easily. And only when he goes to her, does he discover that it was not Ayase she wanted but it was himself, whichever face was his. When Domon and the others finally found out about Ayase's illness, Domon finally understood everything about the other man.

He tried to force Ayase to return to the year 3000, where there had to be better medical treatment for his condition, even though there was no cure. The doctors of the 20th could not even tell Ayase was ill. However, when Ayase resorts to pleading to be allowed to stay and fight the Londarz, he is impossible to refuse. It breaks Domon's heart to know there is nothing he can do to save Ayase. In the end he can only love his friend, and be with him and believe in him. By Episode 41, Domon has decided Tatsuya and Yuuri have been pussy-footing it around long enough. He is so happy with Honami, that he thinks the two of them should just admit they have a thing for each other and enjoy what time they have left together. Domon sends them on a mission undercover together. This seems to backfire though in truth it hasn't, and he remains frustrated for their sake. Domon and Honami have a very intimate relationship and he is very ecstatic for his own relationship. Honami had started to demonstrate a marked interest in couples strolling by with babies. Domon worried constantly about her survival and her future. He was unwilling to return to the 31st Century because he could not know if she would be safe. It is therefore to his extreme horror and fury that he finds the choice taken from him. Tatsuya traps them aboard the Time Ship and sends them to the future, afraid for their lives. And they find the future has changed. Domon is no longer banned from the world of Virtual Fighting, but had been suspended for a year, and that year was over. He could return to what he had loved so much, but Domon had changed. What he loved so much was Honami, and she was a thousand years in the past. And so it is easy for him to choose to return and try to save her time. Domon eventually told her that he came from the 30th century. In 2001, she has her son.