Londarz Prisoners Episodes 33-46
Akutoku Kinyuu Gyousha Dogoal
Ran a loan shark business for the Don. Brought in by V-Rex Robo and ShadowAlpha. Dogoal's twin brother Real was powered-up by Pierre in 'Timeranger vs GoGoV' and was brought in by the Voltech Bazooka.
Stalker Detective Aberu
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Abel
Prisoner Number: 0139
An Intercity police officer who went as bad as can be and became an assassin. He was obsessed with Yuuri and tried to turn her into a killer like him. Brought in by ShadowBeta with some help from V-Rex Robo.
EPISODE 35, 38
Hacker Yuugento
A master hacker carrying an extra, artificial brain on the end of his staff. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta, TimeShadow & V-Rex Robo.
Buki Shounin Banjan
He sold deadly bombs to criminals until the City Guardians tracked him down. Brought in by ShadowAlpha.
Hakai Kousakuin Mayden
A designer of robots like the V-Rex. He was able to take control of it by copying Naoto's voice. Brought in by a combination of TimeFire's DV Refreezer Slash, and the Voltech Bazooka.
Tamashii no Katsudouya Gurokan
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Giogun
Sion had a dream about him after finding him the Londers Prisoner database. Brought in by Providus, V-Rex and ShadowBeta. He brought forth previously captured prisoners.
Serial Thief Dorba
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Dopper
A chamelon-themed thief sent by Dolnero to steal the Reda Virus vaccine from the City Guardians. Dolnero provided his blood to the Timerangers to make the vaccine, so he could sell the vaccine to the victims at a high price. Brought in by V-Rex Robo and ShadowBeta.
Serial Thief Strauss
Prisoner Number: 4288
A telekinetic who predicted the end of the world in 3001 and again in 2001. Brought in by ShadowBeta along with V-Rex.
Computer Engineer Gate
A computer engineer sent out by the Don to threaten to blow up a reactor if a large amount of money wasn't paid out. Brought in by the TimeFlyer and V-Rex Robo.