Gien's Giant Robots
Gien's first robot creation/convict sent to destroy the Timerangers. It destroyed the Lambda 2000 and signaled the arrival of the TimeShadow. Destroyed by TimeShadow. It was because of this particular robot that allowed Pierre of the Saima Clan to be revived.
A living battle robot that was lost in a time experiment. Captain Ryuuya came to the 20th century to help defeat it before it could cause the end of the 30th century and took over Tatsuya's position as TimeRed. Gien sought after the G-Zord in order to analyze its' power source. After the Timerangers convinced Ryuuya into giving the Chrono Changer back to Tatsuya, Tatsuya was able to come up with a strategy which allowed the Timerangers to defeat the G-Zord for good by having TimeRobo Alpha ride on the V-Rex's back as Riding TimeRobo Alpha, and then jump off it to move in from behind and strike the G-Zord's weak spot with its sword.
Destroyed by TimeFire and V-Rex.
EPISODE 48 - 50
Gien's final robot, when it fought against the V-Rex, which also had the same power source, the clash created time vortexes in the sky, threatening to destroy the city. Tatsuya blasted V-Rex with the DV Magnum, converting its blue crystal into a yellow one, giving it enough power to destroy NeoCrisis.