Londarz Prisoners Episodes 2-7
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Londers
In 30th century, criminals are taken to Londarz Prison to be frozen and compressed and placed in a capsule to be housed. The Londarz Family would decompress them. The Timeranger would later compress them again to jail them in the capsules to take them back to the future.

Above: Each of the prisoners had a Depression Seal on them. As a side effect if it was taken off, the prisoner would grow giant.

Left: Several containment capsules such as this one carried the compressed prisoner.

Mad Bomber Jekkar
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Jekka
Prisoner Number: 120
This mad bomber was in jail for 120 years and threaten to bomb the Asami building with a hologram. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeRobo Alpha.
Crash Extortionist Keys
Prisoner Number: 32
A Martian placed in 50-year confinement for using his kind's talent for controlling machines to rob. He can hack into any computer and latch on any large machine to control it as they would his own body. He controled a car to chase Ayase. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeRobo Alpha.
Kidnapping Murderer Nabaru
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Nabai
Prisoner Number: 22
The inventor of the Depression Seals who was placed in 200-year confinement for using his work in kidnapping. He kidnapped a child and Sion with no idea he was a Timeranger. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeRobo Alpha.
Mad Blast
Prisoner Number: 30170
The one responsible for murdering Yuuri's family. His is a hitman who likes killing, taking an item from his victim as a memento. Sealed for 15 years with not enough proof to confirm his crimes. Though Yuuri attempted to kill him, her real objective was to learn the identity of who paid him to commit the act, who happened to be Don Dolnero. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeJet Gamma/TimeRobo Alpha after Yuuri got her father's bracelet back from him.
Jewel Thief Rouge
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Rurje
Prisoner Number: 02475
A female thief who like Lila had an obsession for jewelry. Can mimic the appearance of other women but her birthmark tattoo is a dead giveaway. Brought in by TimeRobo Alpha.
Corrupted Doc
Prisoner Number: 45
A surgerical vivisection robot who was in for 500 years for using his medical knowledge to murder his patients and overcharging them. Brought in by TimeJet Gamma/TimeRobo Alpha.