The V-Rex is the Inter-City Police forces strongest mecha. When it was launched through the time gate, it was accidentally lost in time. After recovering the V-Commander the V-Rex's control device and becoming TimeFire, Naoto Takizawa gained control of the V-Rex shortly afterwards. Eric uses the V-Rex as part of the City Guardians, and helps the Rangers when they need it. The V-Rex can fire lasers from shoulder mounted cannons. It can also transform into V-Rex Robo, in which it can fire missiles, and deliver the max blizzard attack. TimeRobo Alpha can ride behind V-Rex called the Riding Time Robo Alpha. In Timerangers VS GoGoFive, Victory Robo rode on the V-Rex.

Max Blizzard
V-Rex's shoulder blasters release the Max Blizzard attack, which cryogenically freezes defeated mutants.
Flying Fist
V-Rex's left fist can be launched to deliver an explosive attack on any foe.
Revolver Missiles
V-Rex's right hand is a missile launcher, which can fire a barrage of missiles at its enemies.