Chrono-Ship Yglieg
Since humans are unable to withstand the rigors of time travel, The Bureau of Administrative Services created the chrono-ships, one of the few types of vessels capable of safely transporting humans through time. A chrono-ship was used by the Timerangers to travel to 2000. Ryuuya brings another later on. Chrono- ships are launched through the time gate by Providas.
Time Flyer
Width: 5.0 m
Length: 4.8 m
Height: 2.2m
Weight: 1.2 tons
It is kept in a case as a miniature and when needed, it increases in size. The Time Flyer carries all five Rangers to the Time Jets. It fires blasts from front mounted cannons.
Flyer Magnum
The Time Flyer can also transform into a handgun for the Time Robo Beta mode blue to use.