Hell's Gate Prisoners

These are Londers Prisoners confined for the most evil and inhuman acts of the 30th century. Only Gien has the key to the vault that holds them, and he thaws them out so they can terrorize everyone for his own amusement and kill the Timeranger and the Don for himself. The capsules had warning labels.
Hell's Gate Prisoner Blaster Mad
He was imprisoned for the mass-murder of 1,030. Released by Gien, he was later brought in by ShadowBeta. Blaster Mad's identical neighbor Sealing, power enhanced by Pierre in 'Timeranger vs. GoGoV.'
EPISODE 28, 38
Hell's Gate Prisoner Jagguru
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Jagul
He was sent by Gien, to locate the Time Pulse which would deliver the V-Rex to the present. Brought in by the Voltech Bazooka. He appeared in Sion's dream in Episode 38.
Hell's Gate Prisoner Emboss
Prisoner Number: 7181
He was infected with a fatal disease, a man-made bacteria known as the Reda Virus, and wanted to take everyone down with him because he himself was dying from the bacteria. Even if a cure was made for him, he would turn it down as he enjoyed dying and taking others with him. Brought in by ShadowAlpha & V-Rex Robo.
Hell's Gate Prisoner Hairball
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Harbal
He is a destructive and murderous creature that can launch/fire deadly rockets. Brought in by V-Rex Robo.