Full Name: Yuuri
Ranger Designation: Time Pink
Weapons: Spark Vector, Arrow Vector, VolSniper
Gear: Chrono Changer, Time Police Badge
Mecha: TimeJet 5
Yuuri is a courageous 21 year old Intercity Police Inspector who went undercover in the Time Department. She knew Don Dunero was going to the 20th century and urged the Ranger Captain (Lila in disguise) to chose her for the mission. She has a grudge against Don Dolnero for sending an assassin MadBlast, who killed her family. Yuuri comes across immediately as a no-nonsense, serious person who has no time for foolishness. Yuuri is not accustomed to reporting to anyone, to working with anyone, and nevertheless, to living with anyone. Yuuri expects the men to do as she does, not quite officially being appointed the leader. She will take assistance if it is offered, but it never occurs to her to ask for it. As for hostility in the team, if it isn't interfering with the current mission, it doesn't concern her. She finds Naoto is a desired team member, ornery but reliable. She accepts Tatsuya's suggestion that she specialize as a detective for Tomorrow Research without a qualm, because it seems like work that will lead her towards the Londarz.

In Episode 5, when MadBlast was released, Yuuri pursued him with a single-mindedness that it got to the point of her almost killing him, not capturing him. When she was ten years old, MadBlast slaughtered her family and he took with him her father's bracelet as a trophy. Yuuri trained to be a police officer like her father. She couldn't let anyone close to her after that. Yuuri actually just put on a convincing act for the criminal, to provoke him into exposing the identity of whoever had hired him to kill her family. In Episode 8, a straving young artist Kenji Toba is as well known as Rembrandt in the 31st century, asks to do Yurri's portrait. She agrees, which surprises the others, but reality she is doing it to keep an eye on the Londarz, who asked him to do Yuuri's portrait. Her tenseness and constant movement frustrated him to the point that he refused to keep trying, because he claimed he couldn't see her true self. She has never had anyone try to reach beyond her surface, after a speech for Tatsuya, she feels bad for hurting Kenhi. She then lets him see her light side and finally make the portrait, which she keeps a secret from the others though they try to see it.

In Episode 11, Yuuri had to deal with Honami getting in the way of a desperate mission. She loses her temper with her and slaps her in the face. She tells Domon to not get involved with her. But she isn't as cold about Honami as she seems. Later, Yuuri went to confront Honami about the rumors that she was a friend of the Time Rangers. Honami was merely a victim of her editor's lie, kidnapped and held hostage to draw the Rangers out. Honami had become hysterical and had to be knocked out in order to save her, Yurri was very gentle with her. Yuuri is upset that the future history is being kept form them, but she can't let those emotions go out of control. She decides to not let anything change why she is there to fight Dorunero. In Episode 22, she given the assignment to housekeep for a distressed customer. Unfortunately, her lack of basic experience only increases the customer's distress. It never occurs to her to tell the others about her problems. She actually acts as if everything is fine, but thinks to herself that she can do anything any other women can do. When the three older men of her group fall under the spell of the mysterious Kyoko, Yuuri must learn to, at least once in her life, use her sex appeal.

In Episodes 25-26, Tatsuya doesn't follow an agreed-upon plan. He tries to apologize but cannot explain, so tries to be playful and she thinks he is mocking her. She relates trying to plan something with someone I don't trust to committing suicide. She learns from Tatsuya's mother tmore about Tatsuya, and finally forgives in understanding. It is she who soothes and calms him, realizing he is frightened and upset. She admitted to him that when her little sister was alive, she would ask her to play a game, but Yurri wouldn't because she considered the game childish. Now, she thinks she should have played a lot more with her. In Episode 34, Yuuri goes undercover as an assassin to find who she expects, a Londarz prisoner named Aberu, who was once a fellow police officer. He was also obsessed with Yuuri as property. He was determined into making her into an assassin like himself, even if he had to use drugs to do it. Yuuri manages to fight off his control enough to signal the others and they do their best to get to her. She eventually thinks of Tatsuya, noticing that it was the first time she ever thought to call for his help.

When he succeeds in preventing the assassination she's been set up to do, she takes quite some time to recover from the shock and relief. Until she heard Domon and Tatsuya discussing her, her shy embarrassment becomes irritation. In Episode 41, Yuuri and Tatsuya's relationship they are not having has become an interest for Domon. She reacts negatively to being pushed by Domon and is convinced Tatsuya is behind it, because she is aware he likes her. Confronted with a female cult member flirting with Tatsuya, Yuuri is unexpectedly jealous and goes off to investigate and ends up getting captured. And when Tatsuya finds out just in time to prevent himself from being used to kill her, they get a moment where she can admit that she does believe he's useful. In Episode 47, Tatsuya, who tries to keep up with her as she single-mindedly pursues Don Dorunero. She told him that power is something that they must have to survive. They don't know beyond what they are chasing. Unfortunately, she doesn't get to arrest Dorunero because he dies. Yuuri feels deprived of her revenge, leaving her confused and purposeless. Years of drive and rage are suddenly without focus, and she is lost.

Tatsuya is there to hold her and try to comfort her. Tatsuya tells Yurri that she's done all that was possible, but she's not rational at the time. Without her balance Yuuri, spends some time in a semi-daze and doesn't really answer anyone for a while. And so when Tatsuya sends them to the year 3001, she protests and he tells her to find a new path. The future she returns to is different as to one she left. Yuuri's parents and sister are alive. Instead of making her happy, it puts her into shock in doubt of who she is. Captain Ryuuya intended to wipe out their memories so that no one would ever know the future had changed. They found out the Earth was going to largely be destroyed in a time disaster a thousand years in the past. She knew well that Tatsuya was in great danger a thousand years in the past. Thus she made her decision. The future was different, so it would be different either way. They return to save Tatsuya, to whom she confesses to Tatsuya that she loves him, but they could not be together due to the time gap, and thus she returned to her own time and found that due to the time change in the 31st century her family was still alive.