Time Ranger mecha consists of the individual TimeJets, The 5 TimeJets can also combine into a larger jet, the TimeJet Gamma.

TimeRobo Beta, radically different in appearance, is formed with TimeJets 2 & 3 forming the arms and TimeJets 4 & 5 forming the legs. The Time Jets combine into either the TimeRobo Alpha, the body formed by TimeJet 1and the legs formed by TimeJets 2 & 3. Once in Timeranger VS GoGo Five, the GoGo Five were able to call their Victory Robo from the green spot of the TimeRobo Alpha. To defeat PierreBori, the GoGo Five gave the energy from the Victory Robo's Victory Prominence attack to TimeRobo Alpha's TimeSpace sword to create the Pressure Prominence attack, where it enabled the TimeRangers to kill the Saima Wizard Pierre and recapture the Londar prisoner BoriBaru as Riding TimeRobo Alpha.