Ranger Captain Ryuuya
The team is assisted by Ranger Captain Ryuuya, who looks exactly like Tatsuya. Lila disguised as him in the first episode and chose the rangers. She admitted choosing Yuuri was a grave mistake. Jill explains much more about Ryuuya who sent the Time Jets and other mecha to the present time.
Also Spelled: Tac
He is their small owl-like robotic assistant who also serves as their aid and instructor in the weaponry they hold. He is their link with the future in that only he can communicate across the stretch of time with Provider Base. He has acess to the criminal database and informs them about the escaped prisoner.
Mr. and Mrs. Asami
Tatsuya's father Wateru Asami who is the chairman of the largest business corporation in Japan known as the Asami Group. Wataru is a cold-hearted individual who was only concerned with business matters and tried to control Tatsuya's life believing that Tatsuya was only meant to follow in his footsteps. Wataru also set the City Guardians as a means of protecting the city from the Londarz Family. He eventually found out that his son was TimeRed when his mask was broken during battle. Wataru eventually agreed to allow Naoto Takizawa to become the leader of the City Guardians after he gained control of the V-Rex and tried to recruit the other Timerangers into the City Guardians but was turned down. Eventually Wataru was hospitalized during Gien's attack on the City Guardian headquarters. In the finale he decides to allow for Tatsuya to live his own life.
Honami is a reporter who has a crush on Time Yellow, Domon has a crush on her but sadly she believes Ayase is Time Yellow. She took pictures of their true identities but ultimately kept them to herself. She first interfered in a battle against Gougan and was scolded by TimePink for her foolishness. Domon tried to set up Honami with Ayase, and in the end Honami's misunderstanding was cleared up when Domon was willing to protect her from a bomb. They started dating by the end of the series, Homani has a child named Domon Junior but she never told the father.

City Guardians
Wataru formed a security force under his Asami Corporation to protect the city from the Londarz. The City Guardians gain a tenuous relationship with the Timerangers, especially when Tatsuya's childhood friend Naoto becomes TimeFire and later the City Guardian's Captain. The Captain is required to wear a red beret.
Height: 22 cm
Width: 15.7 cm
Sion made an assistant and Takku makes full use of it. Robota functions to protect their headquarters, when the Rangers were away. It relays messages, sounds off its opinions, and when Takku wants, acts as an alarm clock.
This woman is the female voice we hear when mecha is luanched. She is an employee of the Bureau of Administrative Services.
Gogo Five
The Gogo Five and their father came to assist the Timeranger against Pierre and Londers Prisoner Boribaru in 'Timeranger vs GoGoV'. Tatsuya heard of them but the others didn't.