Dr. Mikoto Nakadai found the Top Galer and the Dino Minder, using them to fight the Abarangers as Abare Killer. The Dino Minder, however, was unstable and eventually resulted in Mikoto's death after he had a change of heart and started to help the Abarangers. In a flashback in Episode 18, he and the ghosts of Dragonranger and Time Fire played a part in Gai Ikari becoming Gokai Silver and giving him the greater powers of the Abarangers, Zyurangers, and Timerangers.
Ryouma's older brother. Originally meant to be Ginga Red, a series of events lead to Hyuuga inheriting the powers of Bull Black to become the new Black Knight to battle the Barban. Upon meeting the Gokaigers, being pursued by Basco, Hyuuga tests Gai's self-worth as a Gokaiger. When Gai passes his test, Hyuuga entrusts him with both the Black Knight Key and the greater powers of the Gingaman in Episode 20.
A resident of the Ginga Forest with power over fire who assumed the title of Ginga Red to honor his brother to fight the Space Pirates Barban alongside his Starbeast partner Ginga Leon. Even though the Gokaigers are space pirates as well, he accepts them as a Super Sentai team in Episode 20.
Satoru Akashi
Satoru Akashi is a treasure hunter who works for the S.G.S. Foundation and leads the Boukengers as Bouken Red to find relics known as the 'Precious.' During the events of the 199 Hero Great Battle film, Satoru gives the team his acceptance in them gaining the Greater Power. He later appears in episode 21 to ask the Gokaigers to help him collect a Precious known as the Heart of Hades, which the Jaryuu Clan try to resurrect their former leader Ryuuwon.
Matsuri Tatsumi
Matsuri is the youngest of the Tatsumi siblings who supported her brothers as Go Pink against the Psyma Family. Luka and Ahim find her after Navi's hint of "an act of mercy" while she is working as an EMT. After witnessing their fight against Basco ta Jolokia, she entrusts them with the GoGoFive team's greater power. < /td>
Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
In Episodes 25 and 26, a trio of students (Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta) from the Hayate Way's Ninja Academy who saved the world from the Space-Ninja Group Jakanja before they graduated into full-fledged ninja. Sensing the sons of two of their greatest enemies within Jankanja's ranks, the Hurricangers appear before the Gai, Ahim, and Doc to regain their Ranger Keys.
Gai Yuki
He was a loner who was accidently sprayed with 'bird waves' and became a Jetman to fight the Vyram. Years after the Vyram battle ended, while buying a bouquet for Ryu and Kaori's wedding, Gai chases after a mugger, only to get stabbed in the stomach. He makes it to the church after the wedding party and talks to Ryu before he faints unconscious while watching everyone enjoy themselves. In Episode 28, he is sent down from his own special heaven to test the Gokaiger and transforms into Black Condor briefly without the use of a Ranger Key.
Yukito Sanjyo
Former Abare Blue of Abaranger, he came to the Gokaiger in Episode 29 to clarify what Mikoto didn't say about the Abaranger powers, to form Goujyu Gokaioh. He came with his wife Emiri. He is a chiropractor.
Emiri Sanjyo
In Episodes 29, Emiri returns having married Yukito. She assists Ahim de Famille by giving her a home-made key of her AbarePink form, which actually works and she found the suit embarassed that she refused to battle. Emiri has illusions of grandeur and believes she is the 200th Super Sentai hero.
Jou Oohara
Jou was Yellow Lion of Liveman, he was once a good friend with Goh Omura and heartbroken Goh fell into a bad crowd. In episode 30, Jou meets Ahim and Joe after saving a baby. After foiling Zangyack scientist Zcien's attempts to abduct a boxer, they find an item containing blueprints on Barizorg's design. Joe pleads Jou, who has kept working as a scientist within the Academia, to find a way to return his friend Sid back. Jou reveals to Joe that he, had lost cherished friends to evil but decided to find a way to at least save their souls.

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