Gokai Galleon
The Gokai Galleon is a three-masted galleon-like red spacecraft that the Gokaigers use as their base of operations as they search for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. It holds the four other Gokai Machines in a fashion similar to a Matryoshka doll.

Gokai Blue's jet-like mecha that forms the helmet and the right arm of Gokaioh. It is armed with a series of beam and vulcan cannons as well as a powerful energy cannon.

Gokai Yellow's semi-trailer truck-like mecha that stores Gokai Marine. Forms the left leg of Gokaioh. Its offensive abilities lie in its strong ramming power.

Gokai Green's race car-like mecha that stores Gokai Jet. Forms the left arm of Gokaioh. It is armed with a beam cannon and an energy cannon.

Gokai Pink's submarine-like mecha that stores Gokai Racer. Forms the right leg of Gokaioh. It is armed with a beam cannon, tracking torpedoes, and homing mines.

Magi Dragon
Is the first Great Power the Gokaigers receive. In episode 2, Kai (MagiRed) greets the Gokaigers, as Marvelous and Don get separated from the rest of the group. Kai tests the two in order for the than sheepish Don to learn to be courageous. He rewards them with the Great Power of the Magirangers Great Power, which personifies itself as the Magi Dragon. It combines with the Gokai Oh to form the Magi Gokai Oh

Gokai Pat Strike
Is the personification of the Dekarangers power. When combined with the Gokai Oh, it becomes Deka Gokai Oh. The Gokaigers obtained this Great Power after Marvelous gained the trust of Dekamaster, after being arrested by the SPD.

Gao Lion
In Gokaiger, GaoLion is the ultimate power of the Gao Rangers, given to them by Kakeru Shishi-aka GaoRed. The GaoLion is used in two forms, as part of the Gao Gokai Oh, in which it acts as the lower body, and allows the Gokaigers to use a running slash-type maneuver. It also acts as the torso for the ShinkenGokaiOh

It is a ninja-like mecha who was originally the Hurricangers' and Gouraigers' two-part Karakuri Ball combination used to form Gourai Senpuujin, having now been redesigned with an appearance similar to Tenkuujin. Fuuraimaru rides on a large shuriken that he uses as a weapon. Fuuraimaru can perform the Secret Finisher Crucifixion Shuriken, throwing shuriken at an opponent. Though a Great Power of the Hurricangers, Fuuraimaru appears to support Goujyujin during its fight with Sandaaru Jr. before officially summoned for the first time during the battle with Satarakura Jr.

Engine Machalcon
He is a hybrid between a falcon and a Formula One car as well as the son of Speedor and Bearrv who ends his sentences with "Bari Bari!" He is summoned by the Go-onger Keys. He is a reckless troublemaker in Machine World who prefers racing over anything else as his way of coping with his parents never being around. But once Marvelous reveals this character flaw, he allows the purposeless Machalcon to join his crew to find his place in the universe. In battle, able to fire energy blasts from his tail pipes, Machalcon can also fly in Hover Mode. Though the Gokaigers gained the Go-ongers' Great Power from Saki during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Sosuke reveals the power to be the bonds between them and Machalcon.