Gai Ikari, Gokai Silver
Gai Ikari, Gokai Silver
Full Name: Gai Ikari
Ranger Destinatiion: Gokai Silver
Weapons: Gokai Spear
Gear: Gokai Cellular
Machines: Goujyujin

Gai is the only Earthling of the group and a Super Sentai fan boy who was injured while saving a little girl from being hit by a truck. Soon after, Gai is visited by the ghosts of Mikoto Nakadai (Abare Killer), Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger, as they give him both the ability to become Gokai Silver and access to their respective teams' greater powers. He was originally denied by Captain Marvelous to be a part of the crew as he didn't think that Gai brought something unique to his crew nor did he feel that Gai knew what it meant to be an enemy of the Zangyack empire. His enthusiasm and bravery allowed Gai to join the Gokaigers with the vow to use his powers to destroy the Zangyack Empire for good, which astonished them. Upon joining the Gokaigers, his bounty is initially established at Z=100,000, later raised to Z=300,000 due to his role in the death of Warz Gill. Gai also has a strange power to use his imagination to influence the Ranger Keys, fusing them to create variant keys such as the Go-on Wings Key, the Gokai Christmas Key with the Gokai Red and Gokai Green Keys, and the Gold Anchor Key with all fifteen sixth hero Ranger Keys.

Through the Gold Anchor Key, Gokai Silver can transform into the armored Gold Mode, increasing his offensive capacity and defense, though the cumbersome armor slows him down considerably. As such, he mostly uses Gold Mode only for finishing off the Action Commanders. It does not take long for Gai to prove himself a valuable asset to the team, as not only he is a cook as good as Don and a fighter with skills at par with that of Joe's, but as a Super Sentai fan himself, he has a vast knowledge about the previous teams that his shipmates lack. One advantage of his knowledge is his ability to differentiate Shiro Akebono from Daigoro Oume (both characters are played by Kenji Ohba) just by their scents. As a Super Sentai fan, he has great respect for any past Super Sentai members, to the point of going hysterical when he meets any of them and asking for their autographs. Although he respects those heroes who came before him, he would not hesitate to talk back at any of them if that means defending what he thinks is right, as well as standing up for his team. After the death of Akudos Gill and the dissolution of Zangyack Empire, Gai says his goodbye to his friends on Earth and he sets on his journey with the Gokaigers to the homeworld of Zangyack.