Don Dogoier, Gokai Green
Full Name: Don Dogoier
Ranger Destinatiion: Gokai Green
Weapons: Gokai Gun, Gokai Sabre
Gear: Mobirates
Machines: Gokai Racer

his seemingly spineless attitude is actually hiding his true courage which he shows when his friends are in danger. Don ran a repair store in the middle of nowhere until he met Luka and recognized her from her wanted poster when the girl's crew needed repairs on the Gokai Galleon after a brush with the Zanyack. He boarded the Gokai Galleon on his own volition later to honor his promise of helping out with the repairs, claiming himself to be a refugee from a Zangyack-conquered world. Other than fixing the ship, he single-handedly cleaned the filthy living quarters and gave the crew a decent meal before getting on with the needed repairs. Don's skills in gadgetry, cleaning, and cooking impressed Marvelous immensely, leading Don being shanghaied into the crew while being nicknamed "Doc". His inventions end up saving the team when they're in trouble. He likes to be called Doc and not Don, for his expertise in gadgetry. He also is the ship's cook and his seemingly spineless attitude actually hides his true courage which he shows when his friends are in danger. In Episode 7, he didn't think he measured up against his peers and when Gai joins the team, his self esteem is in danger once again. During battle, Don relies heavily on stealth and trickery, often hiding within his surroundings and distracting his enemies before defeating them.

The Zangyack Empire doen't seem to care about his background as they originally set his bounty at a mere Z=100, but this is later raised to Z=1,000 and then Z=5,000 in response to his meddling in their affairs. Even though his bounty remains puny in comparison to his crewmates', he is the only member of the team actually concerned about their increasing value, as it will eventually bring more enemies coming after their heads. His fear is eventually realized when his role in the death of Warz Gill raised his bounty to Z=50,000. The Gokaiger crew would later learn that he was a legendary hero who disappeared after slaying a planet-eating dragon from a magazine, though it was eventually revealed that it's nothing more than a prank Doc played on the rest of the crew. When Captain Marvelous was captured and the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew seemingly killed-in-action, Doc decided to live up to the lie he made regardless and formulates a plan to rescue their captain from his execution by making himself a decoy so Damarsu would fail to notice Navi freeing their captain. After Damarasu's demise, Doc's bounty eventually raises to Z=300,000 as he is finally seen by the Zangyack as a problem even though he is tied with Gai for the lowest bounty.