Aka Red
Aka Red is the spirit of the Super Sentai's red warriors, able to use his Soul Advent to assume the forms of the first 29 red-suited Sentai members. He first appeared on Earth to the Boukenger to gather Alumni Sentai together to battle Chronos. After the Legend War, Aka Red was searching for the Ranger Keys and bumped into pirate Captain Marvelous as he found the Akaranger Key. Aka Red became leader of the Red Pirates to battle the Zangyack before his group wiped out, giving Marvelous the GokaiGalleon, Navi, and the Ranger Keys to find the Greatest Treasure before sacrificing himself to ensure his crewmate's escape.

Kai is the youngest of the Ozu siblings and Magi Red of the Magiranger. In Episode 3, wearing the robe he had in the finale, he is labeled by Navi as the figure in black the Gokaigers are to meet. With help from Sky Saint Flagel, Kai helps Don find courage in order to unlock the Magiranger Keys' full power.

Marika Reimon/Deka Yellow of SPD arrests Captain Marvelous when he goes to seek out the police for the next step towards the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. A fight ensued between them, and Captain Marvelous fled the police with handcuffs on.

Doggie Kruger
He is DekaMaster, the commander of Earth's SPD, he is called 'Boss' by his subordinates. At first, he doesn't trust Captain Marvelous as he is a pirate, but he eventually chooses to have faith in the man's sense of pride where he walks his own path, even if the entire universe will be his enemy. He releases him from the handcuffs shortly afterwards.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red works for the Space Police Dekaranger, he appears once Buramudo is destroyed, clearing the Gokaigers of their piracy charges, and tells them to use their powers wisely or else in Episode 5.

Jyan Kandou is a master of the Geki Jyu Tiger-Ken style of Jyuken who fought against the Rinjyuken branch as Geki Red of the Gekirangers. In Episode 7, he teaches Ahim and Doc the ways of Geki Jyuken so they can access the greater powers of the Gekiranger Ranger Keys and beat Pachacamac XIII.

Master Shafu
The grand master of the Geki Jyu Felis-Ken style of Jyuken, the Gekirangers' mentor and leader of the Seven Kensei. He makes a brief cameo in Episode 7.

Kakeru Shishi is a veterinarian who was Gao Red of the Gaorangers. In Episode 9, he observes the Gokaigers at first as selfish and typical pirates, but after some convincing from Ahim and Doc, and seeing the the rest in action, he changes his opinion of them and walks away hoping that GaoLion will get along with them.

Karou Shiba
She is the 18th head of the Shiba House, trained to seal away the Gedoushu as Shinken Red, as her kagemusha stood in her place leading the Shinkengers. When the Gokaigers search for a samurai in Episode 11, she challenges them to retrieve the Shinkenger Ranger Keys, and Joe Gibken challenges her in hope she would reveal the Ranger Keys' hidden power. But when a Zangyack attack forces to postpone the duel. In Episode 12, after seeing the bonds between the Gokaigers, she gives Joe a secret disk to aid him in his fight.

Kyousuke Jinnai
Kyousuke Jinnai is a test driver at the Pegasus Auto Garage and leader of the Carrangers, using Carmagic to fight the Bowzock as Red Racer. After he lost his powers during the Legend War, he became an actor and wanted to teach traffic safety to young kids. In Episode 14, he openly reveals himself to the Gokaigers and attempts to help them in revealing the Carranger Ranger Keys' hidden power in exchange for their help as a traffic safety acting troupe, only to find himself in a love triangle between Insarn and one of Zangyack's Action Commanders, Jealousit.

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