Ahim de Famille, Gokai Pink
Full Name: Ahim de Famille
Ranger Destinatiion: Gokai Pink
Weapons: Gokai Gun, Gokai Sabre
Gear: Mobirates
Machines: Gokai Marine

Former Princess of a certain planet who was picked up by Marvelous in space. Has "Geniality" and "Grace" that doesn't suit a pirate, making her quite different from her four shipmates. As she is new to pirating, she usually comes off clumsy, and she usually tries to solve conflicts pacifically. If a person is in distress, she can't help but want to help them. However, because she is always looking for someone to save, she can be a pain in the neck for her teammates. Also, she loves tea. The fourth member to join Captain Marvelous, she was the princess of the planet Famille before Zatsurigu of the Zangyack Imperial Guard destroyed her home world and killed her parents for not accepting annexation as threatened to. She came across the pirates by chance while on the run, asking to join their crew so that she can fight the Zangyack forces and inspire hope to any other survivors from her home world and any other planet the Zangyack wiped out.

Unlike the rest of her crewmates, she was practically useless when she first started out as a pirate due to having no unique utilitarian abilities, having zero martial prowess, constantly making a mess out of chores with her clumsiness, and very slow to catch up to anything. But unlike most of her more trigger-happy and rude teammates or the otherwise spineless Doc, she usually tries to solve conflicts peacefully. She is the most fascinated with Earth culture as, being raised in royalty, she has very little understanding of life outside of her high society lifestyle. In Episode 13, she helps a man who initially kidnaps her until he finds out who she is. The team cares a lot about her, if she is tiring herself too much or when they thought she was kidnapped, they took it very personally. In Episode 7, she took on Jyuken training to be better at fighting. Her bounty is initially set at Z=500,000 but is later raised to Z=1,000,000 and then Z=2,000,000. After the death of Warz Gill, her bounty increases to Z=4,000,000. Ahim eventually confronts Zatsurigu and finally avenges her family and every other victim out there with the crew's help.