Joe Gibken, Gokai Blue
Full Name: Joe Gibken
Ranger Destinatiion: Gokai Blue
Weapons: Gokai Gun, Gokai Sabre
Gear: Mobirates
Machines: Gokai Jet

A calm serious man of few words, his cool and serious demeanor offsets his swordsmanship skills. He was the first recruit into Captain Marvelous' crew. Always training up his abilities with weapons, and never misses. Has known Marvelous the longest, and as such, he understands Marvelous the best out of the entire crew and is his loyal first mate. He was originally an elite of Zangyaku Imperial Special Forces. When he was instructed to kill a group of captive children on his first mission, he refused and was imprisoned for attacking his superior officers while having their prisoners escape, only managing to escape thanks to the apparent sacrifice of his friend Sid, who he later finds out is Barizorg. While unable to settle anywhere in one place due to the tracking collar on him, Joe was saved from his executioners by Captain Marvelous, whom he vowed to follow after Captain Marvelous managed to get the collar off through painstaking effort. After discovering that Sid had not died but became Barizorg, unable to save him to his dismay, Joe realizes he had already found a new family in the form of the Gokaiger crew without realizing it, and decides to let go of his past. He eventually has his showdown with Barizorg, killing him and finally freeing the soul of his old friend, earning Sid's acknowledgement and finally giving Joe the closure he sought. Since directly attacking the Zangyack armada sent to conquer Earth, Joe's bounty was first Z=500,000 and eventually raised to Z=2,000,000 and then Z=4,000,000. With five Gokai Sabers and five blue Ranger Keys, Gokai Blue can execute the Final Wave Five-Blade Style Blue Slash. He continues being a pirate.