Height: 203 cm Weight: 160 kg
Basco ta Jolokia is a privateer who travels with Sally on the allied Zangyack ship Free Joker, his code of conduct being to discard something to get a better item. He is a former friend of Marvelous, they were members of the Red Pirates, serving as a cook aboard the Gokai Galleon until he betrayed Aka Red and Marv-chan to the Zangyack Though he lost the chest to Captain Marvelous, Basco obtained the Ranger Keys of the Sixth Rangers and extra Sentai heroes which were still in space. He uses a trumpet-like device to conjure them to fight for him. In addition, Basco carries a gold Mobirates, which bears his personal symbol and has the keyhole sealed shut. Arriving to Earth after being contacted by Damaras, Basco uses his Ranger Keys in a scheme to steal Captain Marvelous's crew, holding them ransom to get the remaining Ranger Keys. The Rangers get those keys and later give them to Gai. Then Basco's scheme was steal the Great Powers from the legends using the trumpet and muscle from the Extra Heroes. Basco steals the power from Changeman and makes a deal to take the Ohranger power from Oh Red. He double-crosses a double-cross and the Gokaiger manage to get the Ohranger power and all the Extra Hero keys. Basco in turn shows his true form and hurts Gai's arm and beats the others.

He reveals he also has the Flashman and Maskman powers. Next time they meet, he has teamed up with Damaras and has the Sun Vulcan and Fiveman powers. Basco sets up the illusion that he killed Joe, Ahim, Luka and Gai. Basco stabs Damaras in the back and he leaves him for the Gokaiger to destroy him. After watching the Gokaigers gain the Kakuranger power, Basco feeds them info they need to rescue Space Sheriff Gavan as part of an attempt to lure them away from their ship. However, he is intercepted by the newest Super Sentai, the Go-Busters. After a short battle, he withdraws. Basco finally makes his move to take the Great Powers from them as the Gokai Galleon crew intends to recover the five stolen powers. After losing his last Giant Lifeforms, he injures Sally on purpose so he could be taken in by the Gokaigers. He betrays Sally by setting a bomb on her and killing her and harming Marvelous, who was next to her. After defeating the team, Basco takes their Keys and commandeers their ship and make duplicates of Gokaiger from their keys. He still needs Navi to reach the treasure. After the team attempt to retake the ship, a wounded Captain Marvelous arrives to settle scores with Basco. He tells Marvelous that Aka Red used them to get the keys to return them to their original users. The epic duel ends when Gokai Red pins them both down by stepping on Basco's foot and then stabbing their feet together, so the two land death blows on each other. However, Marvelous manages to survive due a fragment of the bomb which killed Sally blocking Basco's shot, Basco collapses and dissolves into a red mist. The Rangers inherit the five stolen powers and receive the teams' approvals. Basco ta Jolokia's name comes from the names of Tabasco sauce and the Jolokia chili pepper.

Height: 189 cm
Weight: 1170 kg
She's Basco's space monkey bodyguard who carrys a pair of cymbals. She is able to open up a hatch on its chest to produce a Liquidroid. After Basco loses his last Liquidroids, he has Sally to steal the Treasure Box by shooting him to play on Marvelous's sympathy. But as his injuries are treated onboard the Galleon, Sally is touched by the pirates' kindness and starts to doubt Basco but brings what he believes to be the intended chest to him anyway. The team follow Sally and convince him to leave Basco. Once Sally is close to Marvelous, Basco triggers the bomb necklace planted on her. But Sally stores the explosive in his hatch to contain the blast as it destroys her instantly. This act not only minimizes the intended injury on Marvelous, but indirectly saved Marvelous' life in the latter's duel with Basco as Basco's final shot is blocked by a necklace piece.

Liquidroids are liquid-based Giant Battle Pseudo-Lifeforms produced by Sally. Each Liquidroid model is named after a liquid.

Liquidroid Wateru
Height: 50.3 m
Weight: 377.5 tons
A blue colored Liquidroid produced after Basco loses his Ranger Keys and destroyed by Shinken Gokaioh. Wateru is named after Water but is also a man's name.

Moonroid Tsukki
Height: 49.8 m
Weight: 149kg to 372.5 tons
A gold colored moonrock-based giant produced after Basco's summoned warriors are defeated by the Gokaigers in his attempt to get the Gingamens' greater power failed. It has a rock hard body and uses moon-based attacks. Destroyed by Shinken Gokaioh and Goujyujin.

Fireroid Meran
Height: 50.5 m
Weight: 380 tons
A red and gold colored fire-based giant produced after Basco's summoned warriors are defeated by the Gokaigers in his attempt to get the GoGoFive's greater power failed. It is able to absorb fire attacks to power up its attacks. After being weakened by Gokaioh, Meran is destroyed by Goujyujin.

Soilroid Dororin
Height: 50 m
Weight: 375 tons
A brown and dark grey colored earth-based giant produced alongside Woodroid Moririn after Basco fails to acquire the Megarangers' greater power. It is able to trap its opponents into a large pile of soil. Both Dororin and Moririn are destroyed by Kanzen Gokaioh.

Woodroid Moririn
Height: 49.3 m
Weight: 370 tons
A green colored plant-based giant produced alongside Soilroid Dororin after Basco fails to acquire the Megarangers' greater power. It is able to extend its vine arms and entangle its opponents with them. Both Dororin and Moririn are destroyed by Kanzen Gokaioh.

Goldroid Geronpa
Height: 50.8 m
Weight: 380 tons
A gold-based giant (even though looks green) that can spread gold dust to temporarily paralyze foes, destroyed alongside Solar by Kanzen Gokaioh.

Sunroid Solar
Height: 49 m
Weight: 367.5 tons
A sun-based giant able to shoot giant sun-like fireballs. With the Goldroid, it can perform the Combination Tornado Dazzling Attack. Destroyed alongside Geronpa by Kanzen Gokaioh