Navi is a robotic parrot who originally belonged to Aka Red has a form of fortune telling that provides cryptic hints as to where the Greatest Treasure in the Universe may be found on Earth. So far the hints only led them to meet members of the previous Super Sentai who helped them to unlock the true potential of their Ranger Keys. Navi hates when Marvelous calls her 'Bird.' She turns out to be the door to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe literally when all the powers are approved of and becomes a psyhical door and the Gokaiger place each Red key into a lock with their symbol. She turned back to normal once they came back out the door with the treasure.

Sayo Kinoshita
Sayo Kinoshita is a young girl who used Luka Millfy's GokaiYellow powers when Luka was turned into a doll to get revenge since her little brother was turned into a doll. She briefly becomes Gokai Yellow and turns everyone back to normal.