The Transformation Cellphone Mobirates are the Gokaigers' transformation device. The Gokaigers can transform by inserting a Ranger Key with the activation call of "Gokai Change." They can "Double Change" into whatever Ranger Key they have available into a past hero.

Gokai Sabre
The Gokai Sabre is the Gokaigers' primary sword sidearm, resembling a cutlass with a built-in grappling hook. It is able to utilize the Ranger Keys to activate a Final Wave attack after a Ranger Key is set into the hilt.

Gokai Gun
The Gokai Gun is the Gokaigers' primary firearm sidearm, resembling a flintlock pistol. It is able to utilize the Ranger Keys to activate a Final Wave attack.

Gokai Cellular
The Transformation Cellphone Gokai Cellular is Gokai Silver's transformation device, created by the ghosts of Abare Killer, Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger. Unlike the Gokai Changers, there's a compartment that lets the user to assume the form of the scanned Ranger Key. When the Time Fire key is inside, he can dial 000 on the keypad to summon Goujyujin from the future.

Gokai Spear
The Gokai Spear is Gokai Silver's primary weapon, able to change from its trident-like Spear Mode to either Gun Mode or Anchor Mode. It is able to utilize the Gokai Silver Key to activate the Gokai Shooting Star and Gokai Supernova Final Wave attacks.

Super Sentai Bazooka
The Super Sentai Bazooka is a cannon used by the Gokaigers and Goseigers that is created by the power and spirit of the previous 33 Super Sentai teams. It appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.

Gokai Galleon Buster
The Gokai Galleon Buster is the Gokaigers' double-barreled cannon designed after the Gokai Galleon and the Ohre Bazooka, created by Don as he uses the Ohranger Keys' Great Power to complete it. By using five Ranger Keys in any combination, it can activate the Rising Strike attack infused by a Red, Pink, Green or Special Charge.