Goujyujin is Gokai Silver's personal giant robot that combines the greater powers of the Abaranger, Zyuranger, and Timeranger Keys. When summoned from the Provider Base in the year 3000 AD, Goujyujin is in its Goujyu Drill mode with the Time Fire Key and is equipped with the Goujyu Cannons. Once the Dragon Ranger Key is used, the mecha assumes the Goujyu Rex form, which uses its tail as a weapon and fires the Goujyu Laser from its mouth. Once the Abare Killer Key is used, it becomes Goujyujin. It can use change its right arm from Drill Mode to either Shield Mode for defense or Trident Mode for slashing attacks. Goujyujin's finishing attack is the Goujyu Triple Drill Dream where all three Ranger Keys are used, causing Goujyujin to split into its three modes before remerging at the drill tip to land the threefold drill attack.