Universal Annihilation Army Warstar
The main headquarters of Warstar is the Universal Mothership Indevader and seek to steal the life force of other planets with their Universal Monsters and the Beebe. Before their invasion of Earth, they realized that the Gosei Angels would a formidable opposition, so they took out the Heaven's Tower in a pre-emptive strike.

Great King Mons Drake
Height: 201 cm to 52.7 m
Weight: 193 kg to 462.5 t
The ruler and leader of Warstar. He has a moth motif, he is a Mons Alien. His weapon is the Drake Tomahawk and his main attack is the Planet Bullet and Syzgial Bullet. Before invading the Earth, he realized that the Gosei Angels would stop him so he had Dereputa destroy the Heaven's Tower. Eventually, after growing tired of their interference, he performs the Gravity Fall (it uses the dark matter in his body to cause a nearby satellite to impact the planet he is on, like the Earth.) to cause the Moon collide with the Earth. Drake attempts to transfer the Earth's oxygen into the Indevader and have it crash unto the Earth to burn all humans. He instead blasted into the Indevader by Hyper Gosei Great and was within the explosion.

Dereputa of the Meteor
Height: 211 cm to 52.7 m
Weight: 185 kg to 462.5 t
Combat commander who has a reckless temper. He has two big claws on his hands and has a molten lava motif. He attacks the Gosei Tower and fought GoseiRed, which causes his forearm to be injured severely. His attacks include the Meteor Bullet, Super Meteor Bullet, Meteor Dimensional Bullet and the Super-Galatic Meteor Bullet. When Mons Drake pushes the Gravity Drop attack forward, Dereputa barely survived the Hyper Gosei Great's attack and was presumed dead in Episode 12. However, after Drake's demise, Dereputa resurfaced, without his silver armor, to settle things with the Goseigers in Episode 16. He was killed by Gosei Red.

Buredoran of the Comet
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 167 kg
He is in charge of making the Warstar's monsters enlarge, using the Bibi Bugs, products of the dark aspects of previous alien races Warstar had conquered. He is a tree-hopper like alien from a planet that had not been said on the show. His signature attack is the Comet Bullet. Buredoran piolet the Indevader prior to its destruction. He survived the destruction of Warstar and is revealed to have been a member of the Yuumajuu all along.

Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi
Neon green insect footsoliders, they wield one twisted blade each. They are fiven life through the Bibi Bugs. They are also used by the Yuumajuu.