Eri, Gosei Pink
Eri, Gosei Pink
Full Name: Eri
Ranger Destinatiion: Gosei Pink
Weapons: Gosei Blaster, Skick Shot
Gear: Tensouder
Headers: Phoenix

A member of the Skick Tribe (sky tribe with power over the aerial elements) who has been the childhood friend of Alata. She is the most maternal of the group and optimistic about life. She excels in assessing situations, and is also a very bold fighter. As Gosei Pink, she has the Skick Power of Breath. Eri is really cheerful and has an easygoing vision of the life. However, when her strenght is needed in battle, she doesn't play around and fights alongside her teammates. Eri is a bit lazy and disorganized, which sometimes may bother her teammates. She also likes to cook her famous "Eri Don" and cakes. Her dream is to return to the Gosei World and tell the story of all her adventures and show all her souverniers, so they could serve as inspiration to another Gosei World's inhabitants.

Eri has the talent of make flowers bloom through her singing. This had helped the Goseiger when they fought Teckric Alien Mazuata of Music, the first monster Bladerun sent against the heroes. In her childhood, Eri was the Tensou techniques' teacher for Alata, teaching him how to use the Gosei powers. Later, she had the favor returned by the Alata, who taught her how to master the CompreThunder Card. When Dereptor started his revenge against the Gosei Angels (after his loss against Hyper Gosei Great and Moons Drake's defeat), Eri was the first target and the one who told Alata and Hyde that Dereptor had returned.

During the time where the Gosei Angels celebrate the Gosei Festival, a special event where it's wished peace for the entire world, Eri revealed she has a lot of dreams which she wrote on the Expandream Cards, but since the festival allowed only one wish, Eri wished Gosei Knight find a dream to look for. During the battles against Matrintes, Eri received from Agri the role of the leader of Goseiger. However, her time as leader last just a few minutes, because Eri didn't see herself suitable to be the team's leader. Eri showed another effect of her singing when Nozomu got hurt by Brajira's wicked Gosei Power. She managed to wear off the evil influence hurting Nozomu. In the end of the series, Eri, alongside the others decide to stay in the Earth as apprentices. So, they left Nozomu's house and go around the world.