Universal Insect Monsters

Mizorg of the Clump
Height: 205cm to 51.3m
Weight: 179kg to 447.5t
It is an Scarab-like alien from the planet Brasca, able to suck enough rubble into the grinder on his stomach to create boulders. He uses the boulders to attack or capture opponents. He is summoned for Warstar's initial attack on Earth. The Goseigers destroy him with the Gosei Dynamic. Mizogu's name is from the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which in Japanese is Michi to no Sogu.

Zaruwakku of the UFO
Height: 207cm to 51.8m
Weight: 181kg to 452.5t
He is an lady-bug inspired alien from the planet Gubydal who can transform into various space ships. He can to duplicate himself to abduct more people, capturing them in nets. He was defeated by the Gosei Dynamic, enlarged by the Bibi Bugs and destroyed by Gosei Great. Zaruwakku's name is from the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, which in Japanese is Saru no Wakusei.

Yuzeikusu of the Ice & Snow
Height: 210cm to 52.5m
Weight: 184kg to 460t
Yuzeikusu is a Non-Biting Midge with freezing-based powers from the planet Garyusu. Though he failed, Yuzaikusu refused to return until he fulfilled his mission. After being defeated by the Gosei Buster, Yuzeikusu is enlarged before being destroyed by Gosei Great. Yuzeikusu's name is from the 1982 film The Thing, Yusei kara no Buttai Ekkusu.

Mazuata of Music
Height: 204cm to 51m
Weight: 178kg to 445t
Mazuata is a Cricket from the Teckric planet. He considers himself as the universe's best music artist though the sound he produces is painful to human ears, and more so to Gosei Angels of the Skick Tribe. With Buredoran as his manager, Mazuata almost kills everyone with his music were it not for Eri's singing voice negating his sound. After being defeated by the Gosei Buster, Mazuata is enlarged before being destroyed by Gosei Great. Mazuata's name is from the 1996 film Mars Attacks!

Uchuseruzo of Influenza
Height: 199cm to 49.8m
Weight: 174kg to 435t
Uchuseruzo is a Stinkbug from the planet Bugntes, able to sneeze out a virus that changes smart students into Bibi soldiers. After an antidote is devised, Uchuseruzo is defeated by the Gosei Buster, and then destroyed by Seaick Gosei Great. Uchuseruzo's name is from The War of the Worlds, Uchu Senso.

Hidou of the Swift Runner
Height: 208cm to 52m
Weight: 182kg to 455t
Hidou is a Dragonfly from the planet Ylabungora. He can move at blinding speeds. Alata is able to counter him but it isn't enough when Dereputa fights Alata. Later, as the others train to master Alata's ability so they can counter Hidou's speed, they learn from Nozomu that Alata is attempting pull-ups despite his injuries before Datas contacts them concerning Warstar activity. The Landick siblings refused to give up and gained the Landick Brothers and were able to destroy Hidou with the Landick Gosei Great. Hidou's name is from 1987 film The Hidden.

Abauta of the Research
Height: 206cm to 51.5m
Weight: 180kg to 450t
Abauta is a Protohermes grandis (Fishfly). He is from the planet Zuteramedorop. Refusing to let Abauta destroy the cabbages, Gosei Black fights him with the new techniques he learned from the gardening. Abauta's name is from the 2009 film Avatar. Landick Gosei Great destroys Abauta.

Fandaho of Nonsense
Height: 201cm to 50.3m
Weight: 176kg to 440t
Fandaho is a hornet from the planet Totsneho Alien, able to scramble up its target with the antennae on his back. Going to Earth on his own, Fandaho attempts to make an impression on Monsu Dreiku by causing chaos on the streets. He effects Gosei Red's cards, so his henshin goes haywire. In a clinch, Alata created the four Exotic Brother Headders. In the end, he is destroyed by Exotic Gosei Great. Fandaho's name is from Fantastic Four.

Irian of the Queen Bee
Height: 205cm to 51.3m
Weight: 179kg to 447.5t
Irian is a Wasp from the planet Bswa. Irian has the ability of producing a fluid that paralyzes her male targets, allowing her to use them as parts of her furniture, blue cobweb go on them. She captures the three Gosei boys and the Gosei Girls save the day. She was destroyed by Skick Gosei Great. Irian's name is from the 1979 film Alien.

Kurasunigo of 5000°C
Height: 207cm to 51.8m
Weight: 181kg to 452.5t
Kurasunigo is a Weevil from the planet Luview. Prior to the beginning of the series, Kurasunigo killed Hyde's fellow Seaick Tribesman Magis/Gosei Green. He came back from the water, he excudes a fire energy from his armor that is hard to beat. Gosei Blue tried taking him on his own but then the team defeated him with Seaick Gosei Great. Kurasunigo's name is from the 1990 Japanese film Solar Crisis, Kuraishisu Nii Maru Go Maru.

Yokubabanga of Electric Shock
Height: 212cm to 53.0m
Weight: 186kg to 465t
He is a Daicaci alien, meaning he looks like a Cicada, and he is one of Mons Drake's top soliders. He is sent to Earth to asborb surrounding electricity and use it to wreak havoc but Gosei Yellow weakens him with the Landick Bullet attacks. After growing, managing to take Gosei Great's power, he is destroyed by Datas Hyper. His name is from *batteries not included.

Pawadodaku of Mutation
Height: 203cm to 50.8m
Weight: 177kg to 442.5t
He is a Hongnlo Alien, looks like a Longhorn beetle and uses modified Power Seeds created by Buredoran to counter any of the Goseigers' attacks and use his own version of the Skick Sword. He was defeated by the Mystic Brothers and destroyed by Mystic Gosei Great. His name is derived from Howard the Duck.

Tageito of the Satellite
Height: 209cm to 52.7m
Weight: 183kg to 457.5t
He is a Thailago Alien, looks like a Goliath Beetle, who specalizes in teleportation and is one of Mons Drake's top soldiers, offering his aid in eliminating the Goseigers to take Dereputa's place as Mons Drake's right hand. Able to withstand the Gosei Buster, it took a Sky-Land-Sea Bullet to defeat him and then Mystic Gosei Great and Data Hyper finally destroyed him. His name comes from Stargate.