Gosei Ground
Height: 61 m
Width: 45 m
Thickness: 21 m
Weight: 2500 tons
Speed: 600 km/hr
Power: 14 million Horsepower

Gosei Ground is the combination of the Groundion and the Knight Brothers. Gosei Ground's attacks include the Sealeon Kick and the Eraser Missiles. Gosei Ground's final attack is the Ground Rustic, firing a barrage of Eraser Missiles that hit the opponent before Gosei Ground himself rips through for the final blow.

Height: 25.5 m
Width: 33.0m
Length: 37.0m
Weight: 1500t
Speed: 600km / h
Power: 800 million horsepower

After combining with an off-road dump truck body, Gosei Knight becomes Groundion. As Groundion, he can perform the Groundion Laser attack, shooting an energy beamwhile unleashing a barrage of missiles. He forms the main body of Gosei Ground.

Knight Brothers
The Knight Brothers are a duo of Gosei Machines composed of Sealeon, whose Headder combines with a cruise ship body, and Skyon, whose Headder combines with a blimp body. They respectively form Gosei Ground's right and left legs.

Height: 11.4m
Width: 8.9m
Length: 30.0m
Weight: 500t
Speed:160 knots
Power: 300 million horsepower

Height: 12.6 m
Width: 22.9 m
Length: 30.9 m
Weight: 500 tons
Speed: 1 Mach
Power: 300 million horsepower

Ground Gosei Great

Ground Gosei Great is the combination of Gosei Great and Gosei Ground.

Ground Hyper Gosei Great