Alata, Gosei Red
Alata, Gosei Red
Full Name: Alata
Ranger Destinatiion: Gosei Red
Weapons: Gosei Blaster, Skick Sword
Gear: Tensouder
Headers: Dragon, Exotic Brothers, Skick Brothers

A member of the Skick Tribe (sky tribe with power over the aerial elements) who has been the childhood friend of Eri. He has an innate ability to see through to the true essence of things. As Gosei Red, he has the Skick Power of Storm. In the first episode, he looses his card to a young boy named Nozomu Amachi. Nozomu later returns it to him so he can transform. Alata has a calm personality, but when it's time to battle, he got very serious about what he is doing. He likes doing art like drawing or handicraft, although not being good with it. Alata thinks the humans shall create the future by themselves, and the Gosei Angels' mission is just protect the Earth so they can do that. His dream is protecting the world while all people does the same thing. Duo his personality, Hyde defines Alata as "soft as a breeze and fierce as a whirlwind".

Alata tried to stop Dereptor of Meteor of destroying the Heaven Tower. However, Alata failed and Dereptor throw him away, letting a scar in his right arm. Alata tried to remove the pain by using his tensou technique and his own willpower. Since this day, Alata has developed a rivalry with Dereptor which finished on episode 16, where the two have a final battle, Alata wins.During a battle with Fandaho of Nonsense made Alata lose the control of his Gosei Powers, Alata got stuck in this transformation. During Goseiger's battle with Fandaho, Alata drew a Dragon on Dragon Headder Card and with his power out of control, create the Exotic Brothers. On episode 14, it was revealed that in his childhood, Eri was his teacher in learning the Gosei Powers. Alata taught Eri to master the CompreThunder Card.

Alata was the main responsible for the Abare Headders becoming the Miracle Headders. When Bladerun, in his Chupacabra form, was making the Headders rampage, Alata threw himself in the Headder, revealing he understand its fears about hurting the people it wants to protect and shows his want of helping them. After anknowledge Alata's feelings, the Headders grant him the power to do the "Super Change" and become Super Gosei Red with the miraculous power of storm. When the Goseiger were unsure of who should be the team leader, Alata was the default leader, until the point that the monster was about finish them. In that time, Alata state his opinion that they should fight "as always", relying on his instintes and each other's abilites. In the end of the episode, it's suggested that the others have acknowledge Alata as the Goseiger's leader.

When he battled the Matrintes, Bakutofuji of ER and his "time reverse" ability, Alata is sent to the past prior the destruction of Heaven Tower by Dereptor. So, Alata tries to have the other Goseiger help him out, however the other refuse to believe his story. So, Alata went to fight Bakutofuji alone. When he was about to be beaten, the other Goseiger appears, revealing they have changed their minds and decided to fight with Alata. After, destroying Bakutofuji's chest clock, Alata is sent back to his time period in order to help the present Goseiger in their battle against Robogog. During the last battle agains Robogog, Gosei Knight entrusts his LeonCellular to Alata. With that, Alata and the other Goseiger perform the "Super Sky Land Sea Knight Dynamic".

After Robogog is killed by Bladerun of Cyborg, Alata gathers the team in order to join the pieces and find out who Bladerun truly is. During the battle against Bladerun's true form - Brajira of Savior - the villain kiddnaped Gosei Knight and turn him into Dark Gosei Knight, making him go against the Goseiger. While the other Goseiger hesitate the idea of fighting and - perhaps needing to destroy him - Alata said he was ready to do it if needed. This leads to Alata have a final match with Dark Gosei Knight. After a lot of fighting, Dark Knight uses all the dark gosei power Brajira put on him and Alata finished punching him with his Gosei power, bringing Knight back to his sense and Goseiger's side. During Goseiger's final stand against Brajira, Hyde had offered his Seaick Power (and consequently his life) to Alata. However, Alata refused, as he believes that the Goseiger should protect the Earth and fight with their own powers, so all them can enjoy the peace in the World. In the end of the series, Alata, alongside the others decided to stay in the Earth as apprentices. So, they leave Nozomu's house and go around the world.