Gosei Wonder
Gosei Wonder is a blue Gosei Machine that is featured in Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie. It has five Headders, and can separate into five Gosei Machines. Each then combine to become Wonder Gosei Great.

Gosei Bird
Gosei Bird is an eagle-like Gosei Machine that comprises the body of Gosei Wonder, and then the upper body and head of Wonder Gosei Great.

Gosei Kabuto
After combining with a fighter aircraft (F-15 Eagle) body, the Kabuto Headder transforms into Gosei Kabuto and can form Wonder Gosei Great's left arm.

Gosei Crocodile
After comining with a Shinkansen body, the Crocodile Headder becomes Gosei Crocodile. It forms the waist, right leg, and upper left leg of Wonder Gosei Great.

Gosei Elephant
After combining with a bulldozer body, the Elephant Headder turns into Gosei Elephant and forms the lower left leg of Wonder Gosei Great.

Gosei Dolphin
After combining with a submarine body, the Dolphin Headder becomes Gosei Dolphin and forms Wonder Gosei Great's right arm.

Wonder Gosei Great
Tensou Combination Wonder Gosei Great is the combination of four Gosei Machines and Gosei Wonder. It wields the Gosei Bird Ax as its weapon. Its final attack is the Wonderful Strike, launching the Bird Headder with the Gosei Bird Ax.