Gosei Machines

Gosei Dragon
Height: 16.5 m
Width: 18.3 m
Wing Width: 61.4 m
Length: 60.7 m
Weight: 1000 tons
Speed: Mach 1.2
Power HP: 5,000,000

Gosei Phoenix
Height: 10.5 m
Width: 14.5 m
Weight: 200 tons
Speed: Mach 1
Power HP: Million

Gosei Snake
Height: 11.2 m
Width: 7.5 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 400 km / hour
Power HP: 300 Million

Gosei Tiger
Height: 11.2 m
Width: 8.7 m
Weight: 400 tons
Speed: 300 km / hour
Power HP: 200 Million

Gosei Shark
Height: 10.5 m
Width: 10.8 m
Weight: 200 tons
Speed: 150 knots
Power HP: Million

Mystic Runner
Height: 25.4m
Width: 13.8m
Length: 22.4m
Weight: 400t
Speed: 800km / h
Power: 200 million horsepower
Mystic Brothers
The Mystic Brothers are a duo of the green ostrich-like Mystic Runner and the Egg Headder which is composed of a pair of Headders similar to two halves of an egg. To attack, the Mystic Runner kicks the Egg Headder like a soccer ball.