Agri, Gosei Black
Full Name: Agri
Ranger Destinatiion: Gosei Black
Weapons: Gosei Blaster, Landick Ax
Gear: Tensouder
Headers: Snake, Landick Brothers

A hot-blooded Landick (land tribe with power over the earth and fire elements) warrior and elder brother of Moune who acts cool. He prides himself on being the strongest fighter out of the five Goseigers. As Gosei Black, he has the Landick Power of Stone. At first, Agri didn't like the whole idea of working together with the other angels and just cared with his tag team with his sister. However, Alata managed to change his mind and Agri come to live with the other Goseigers on Nozomu's house. Since then, Agri has become very protective towards his teammates, specially towards his sister, but sometimes he conflicts with her duo her laziness on improving her skills. Agri may be hotblooded sometimes, but he just wishes protect everyone, fulfilling the Gosei Angels' duty.

Agri stayed as a loyal Goseiger for half of the series, but during the battles against Yuumajyu, one of the enemy's plant a seed on him, showing his doubts about his importance to the team and making him to start thinking the others see him as useless. Agri managed to snap out the spell and with his acts of courage, he received the Miracle Gosei Dynamic Cards for his team. When Hyde gave up the leadership of the Goseiger, he passed to Agri, thinking he had the skill a leader needed. However, Agri didn't carry the burden for much time, passing it to Eri. As Moune, Agri had grown a lot and learned how to use the brain, besides muscles. In the end of the series, Agri, alongside the others decide to stay in the Earth as apprentices. So, they left Nozomu's house and go around the world.