Datas Hyper
Height: 48 m
Width: 33 m
Thickness: 17 m
Weight: 2100 tons
Speed: 500 km/h
Power: 11 million horsepower

Datas turns into a giant robot called Datas Hyper by combining with the Hyper Change Headder. Datas Hyper's attacks include the Datas Punch, and his finisher the Datas Dynamic Crash, which fires several powerful lasers and cards to finish the enemy.

Mystic Datas Hyper
Datas Hyper becomes Mystic Datas Hyper by combining with the Mystic Brothers, The two halves of the Egg Headder cover Datas Hyper's hands and allow him to shoot out blasts of energy, while the Mystic Runner attaches to the top of Datas Hyper to enable helicopter-style flight.