Hyde, Gosei Blue
Hyde, Gosei Blue
Full Name: Hyde
Ranger Destinatiion: Gosei Blue
Weapons: Gosei Blaster, Seaick Bowgun
Gear: Tensouder
Headers: Shark, Seaick Brothers

He is the oldest of the group and the only Goseiger that is of the Seaick Tribe (sea tribe with power over the water element). He serves in keeping the team together. As Gosei Blue, he has the Seaick Power of Surging Waves. In Episode 10, it was revealed that Hyde came down to the Earth with Magis, a member of the Seaick Tribe. Magis as Gosei Green saved Hyde from Kurasunigo of 5000°C but was killed. Hyde sought revenge against the alien and managed to destroy it. Hyde is very strict and disciplined, specially when he tried to erase Nozomu's memories about the Gosei Angels. When the Goseiger had the chance to return to Heaven Tower, Hyde wanted the group to come along with him, but the other refused, rather going to fight WarStar. After seeing the human victims, including Nozomu, Hyde had the resolution of let the Gosei World come back for later and help his teammates to defend Earth. His dream is study the smiles of humans and make all humans be happy.

Hyde is very skilled with science and informatics. He sometimes can also be somewhat a nipticker. He initially had some conflicts with Moune, reprehending her and refusing to acknowledge her as a full member duo her childish behavior, but after work alongside her against Tageito of the Satellite, the two heroes become friends. Hyde kept studying the human's behavior and didn't understand some of her habits, such as laughing at comedy shows. But, because a battle against a Yummajyu monster, Hyde had do team up with Knight and form a "Manzai duo" in order to defeat it. During said battle it's found out Hyde has a soft spot for old fashioned jokes.

When the Goseiger needed to choice one of them to be the team leader, Hyde was the first one to be chosen by the other members, because of him being the oldest and the best strategist. Hyde gave up the leader position after realize he lacked some leader skills and passed the leadership to Agri. However by the end of the episode, it's hinted that Hyde, like the other Goseiger, realize Alata was the ideal leader. Due to his skills, Hyde is the main responsible to maintain Datas. When the Goseiger needed to give Datas away to Matrintes in order to prevent a missile, Hyde spend all this time looking for Datas, because in his mind, he won't let other friend be lost.

When Brajira hurted Nozomu with his Dark Gosei Power and revealed he had killed his past conrades in order to seal the Yuumajyu, Hyde raged towards him duo believe that friends are the most important and nothing justify take out their lifes. During, Goseiger's final stand against Brajira, Hyde had offered his Seaick power to Alata, so he could defeat Brajira. However, Alata refused. So, Hyde joined his teammates and with their Gosei Powers, defeated the enemy. In the end of the series, Hyde, alongside the others decide to stay in the Earth as apprentices. So, they let Nozomu's house and go around the world.